Cerulean Indy | Private Preview Dinner

Indianapolis finally has a legitimate food scene. Spots like Bluebeard, Black Market and Recess are teaching this town how to eat. Each has my very vocal, financial and fully-sated gratitude. Apparently this gratitude has gone well-noticed. 

Cerulean, Indy's newest entrant into our burgeoning restaurant scene, asked to host a private preview dinner at Atomic Indy HQ for eight of my closest friends + four social[media]ites. With an emphatic yes, the table was set. 

Cooking in my kitchen, Cerulean treated us to a seven course culinary experience. Dishes like hay-smoked quail with wood stock (made from oak, maple and hickory) were expertly paired with unique wines. Each dish sparked thoughtful dialogue, followed by complete silence as we processed the complexity of every flavor. For full details on each course, check out this post at Solid Gold Eats

Meanwhile, click on images below for a closer, appetizing look. 

Mid Century Modern was the setting. Innovative cuisine was the context. Both delivered. The Cerulean crew was fantastic. The food was amazing. Great times shared among the best of friends. Success.

Cerulean officially opens in downtown Indy at City Way on 11/23/12. They're currently accepting reservations here. You're gonna wanna go ahead and click that link.




Sara said...

And now I'm remembering the scallops that melted in my mouth, wondering when I'll get to eat them again. Amazing photos, and an amazing home. Thanks again!

mark said...

Love them for lunch. My favorite place in northern Indiana.

Theagle said...

Oh wow! My mouth still waters. Setting was marvelous and the food delicious through your pictures. What a nice mix of MCM with culinary excellence. Must have been an incredible event.

tehmina-interior design and decor managment said...

Mouth watering images, Bon Appetit.

Jacqueline Viers said...

The food preparation looks amazing. Good plating really makes the food even more delicious. I love those scallops. One of the best dishes especially if cooked by the best! I want to taste their wonderful food creations!