Bike-itecture | Chicagoland

Chicago. Home to a few of my favorite things. Architecture. Food. Bikeability.

These three elements were continuously, and vigorously churned into an epic weekend.

Adventures began in Hyde Park, chasing the season with a fall-colored, ivy-clad ride across the University of Chicago campus in search of a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece. I was jaw-dropped at every turn.

The essence of architectural iconography. Robie House.

After lingering long, it was off to Oak Park to witness the world's densest concentration of Frank Lloyd Wright designs. I also found unexpected pleasures in structures from other architects. Felt the sun's warmth juxtaposed against the wind. Got slightly giddy at stumbling upon Ernest Hemingway's childhood home.

Along the way, a few things were learned. Like, old love > young love.

With open head and open heart, I took in Frank's Unity Temple. There are, in fact, angels in the architecture. 

After making my peace, it was time for a long, meandering ride across Bucktown, Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, then down Lake Shore for some sky scraping.

Plenty of, "oh-hey-bright-shiny-object" detours ensued.

Ample bike lanes combined with slow, congested car traffic made peddle navigation through the city's heart a quick and nimble ease.

Sun setting, and appetite brewed; it was time for a ten-course tasting at Blackbird.  

Concluded by night-ride shenanigans across Chicago's hipster havens. 

Have bike. Will travel. Where should I go next?




Anonymous said...

I recently moved from Denver to Chicago and went to Oak Park for the FLW home and studio tour this past weekend as well. It would have been surreal to see an unexpected blogger on my tour.

Courtney Allison said...

This is making me want to visit Chicago so badly. Great trip recap!

Chris Magee said...

You're welcome in Cincy anytime, our seven hills will give those calves a workout.


Marieke said...

Well cross the atlantic and come to Holland!


Marieke said...

Wrong link. You want modern biking