Indy's Modernism Weekend 2012

Do you juggle? You're going to have to learn, 'cause this weekend is a crazed, mind-spinning, overlapping, mostly coincidental bottleneck of like-minded Modernism-related events that will conflict your schedule, and your emotions. 

Lucky for you, I've planned the ideal itinerary. Jump in where you can. 


Kick off the modern madness at the IMA's free lecture "Modernism is For Everyone" delivered by Alan Hess. Hess is a practicing architect, and one of the country's most notable architecture critics. With 18 books on modernism under his belt, he's the real deal. 

5/31/12 | 6pm | IMA | Toby Theatre


Private event at a sweet modern abode for volunteers of Saturday's MCM Home Tour. It's not too late to become a volunteer and get the exclusive invite to this party. Contact Rebecca Smith to offer up your services. All volunteers are allowed plenty of time to tour the homes, so you won't miss a thing.

If you can't volunteer, you have the night off to nosh and imbibe at Indy's finest restaurants, serving local/in-season ingredients. Eat well, you'll need the energy for Saturday. Acceptable choices include:


This is where the juggling begins. Deep breath. Exhale. 

Wake up early. Very early. Hit the annual Woodruff Place Flea Market right at 8am. 

If you've never been to this thing, it'll blow your mind. It's located in one of Indy's most beautiful historic neighborhoods and features three long fountain-lined streets packed full of vendors. Some of my best scores of the year are pulled out of this event. 

6/2 - 6/3 | 8am - 5pm | Woodruff Place | Free


After killing off the first two hours of your day at Woodruff, head up to Glendale to check out the new player in town. The Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace aims to be Indy's reoccurring artisan flea market. This is their maiden voyage and they've got over 40 vendors onboard, including most of Indy's MCM dealers and a few out of town ringers.  

You'll also find plenty of food options at IAVM. So go ahead and grab lunch while you're here. I recommend Smoking Goose.

6/2 | 9am - 4pm | Behind Glendale Mall | $4 admission


This is the main event. This year's installment of the "Back to the Future Home Tour" features five MCM homes in Indy's Arden and William's Creek hoods. The homes this year are impeccably exciting and feature some pretty fantastic furniture collections for you chair-porn-junkies. 

6/2 | 1p-6p | $12 in advance / $15 day-of | Buy tickets here.

Park, hop a shuttle, or pick up a self-guided map at:
 Second Presbyterian Church, 7700 North Meridian Street 
(designed by McGuire, Shook, Compton, Richey & Associates in 1958).


Hit Woodruff once more, then decorate your pad with all the treasures and inspirations you've collected.




Unknown said...

This is so exciting! Thanks for this post!

Anonymous said...

Also Saturday June 2, additional eastside neighborhoods are having coordinated sales at Irvington Terrace neighborhood @ 6400 E Washington Street, and Little Flower Neighborhood @ 10th/Bosart.

Matt Dawson said...

Doh! Can't believe I missed this again this year! Oh well, time to start planning for 2013...

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This is so exciting! Thanks for this post!