Fence Design | Reader Poll

Design by Committee.

Mid Century Modern fence installation is going smoothly. "Smooth" as in the often unused backbreaking sense of the word. 

Call 811 before you dig. It's free. It's the law. 

All the posts are set. Now it's time to make final color and layout selections. Last time I had a choice to make of this magnitude, I turned to you guys for help. And it worked

So the Virtual Design Committee gets called in to action again. 

Below are 5 options. At the top right corner of the page is a poll *. Select which option you like best. Whichever option wins - I will do. Period. So if you don't like the way it turns out, it's your fault. 

You have until midnight tonight PST. Ready. Set. Go. 

*Voting ended 5/11/12. See results. Feel free to continue leaving comments with thoughts and design suggestions. 






If you think all the options suck, feel free to leave a comment with your epiphany-like suggestion.

A few things to bear in mind:

• This is more of an architectural screen than a fence. So don't get into semantics when choosing.

• You can't introduce new materials. All materials have been purchased. This is what we're working with.

• The ultimate purpose of the fence/screen is to eliminate the unsightly and un-neighborly house behind mine, while adding architectural detail.

• Eventually the fence/screen will enclose the whole yard, but the first phase just covers the rear elevation.

Thanks for your help and good luck.




Anonymous said...

Option #3!

Anonymous said...

Scratch that above... I meant to say option #2. Gives you the most depth of color/field.

J said...

OK. I'm gonna go all mathematical on you. You've got nine panels, three colors, and two height positions. Your options are:

(1) three panels in each color, two each at one level and one at the other level, no like colors touching. Possibly GWOWOGOGW. BUt this might be a little too Whataburger.

(2) hierarchy in colors, four of one, three of the next, and two of the last. Split the colors on the height levels so the eye doesn't pull all up or down. PossiblyGWGGOWOWG

(3) Monochromatic with a surprise: GGGGGGOGG

Anonymous said...

Option 2, hands down.

Anonymous said...

Definitely option 2! The finished product will look amazing.

Anonymous said...

Option 2! The more orange the better!

Nikki Sutton said...

2 and design a perforation pattern for the orange panels.

Anonymous said...

I would eliminate white totally....option 3 with only orange & grey!!

Baz Mcm said...

@All: Thanks for the responses and votes.

@J: The pic is a little deceiving. There's one more set of panels off to the right. So that blew up your thoughtful arithmetic.

@Nikki: I dig the perf idea. But I'm thinking perfing just one of the range panels could offer a nice asymmetry.

Kersten said...

Whoa! Now, THAT'S how you dig a hole! Wow! So, what are the materials? Wood or metal?

Anonymous said...

Yeh stick with Grey and orange....mostly grey, using the orange with restraint. Perfect!

Kelly said...

No, I like #2 (for the panel configuration/colors) but I really like what you did w/the crossbars in #5. And I like the white. So there.

I know you've only placed the crossbars above and below the larger grey/white/orange fields, but how about a random one every so often that goes across a panel? (upper or lower 1/3 for consistency w/the asymmetry). I know, I'm not helping...

Brandy said...

Option 2. Fo' sho'.

Anonymous said...

Option 2!

james said...

Colors of Option 2 but with the addition of the crossbars in Option 5, in my humble opinion

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2 and design a perforation pattern for the orange panels.

Anonymous said...

all charcoal with one or two orange... sexy fence yo. #AffairShake