20th Century Design Auction | Indianapolis

Antique Helper Auction | 5/12/12 | 10a

20th Century Design Auction | 5/12/12 | 10am | 2764 E 55th Place 46220
All items pictured will be at auction. 

Indy's Antique Helper Auctions has thrown together a nicely-curated 20th Century Art & Design auction. Plenty of delicious Mid Century Modern pieces woven through intriguing objects from the past 100 years.

You can preview the entire online catalog here.

And check out this little video:

If you've never been to Antique Helper, you must. It's the only auction house in Indy actually located in a Mid Century Modern building. Here are directions to get you there.

Christopher West, Curator chilling with a bad ass bench and 1962 Studebaker GT.
Both will be at auction. CW not included.
Photo courtesy of Daniel Fahrner
So on May 12th at 10 in the morning, here's your plan of action: Tour the building. Drool on the furniture. Then bid yourself a winning auction and take it all home. 

If there's a good turnout for this 20th Century Design auction, they'll do more. Which means more MCM awesomeness for all of us to collect. Which means more happiness for you. And really, I just want you to be happy. 




Eric Oltersdorf said...

Baz, the preview link is bad. It's returning a runtime error.

Baz Mcm said...

Thanks for the heads-up Eric. It's working for me in FF and Chrome on a Mac. What browser are you using?


Johnny Fear said...
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Johnny Fear said...

I get the same VBS runtime error in FF or Safari on a Mac. The link to the auction catalog directly from antique helper's page is not found either.

Baz Mcm said...

Thank you all for the error/browser/system details. Very helpful. Antique Helper is working on the problem.

I feel bad; I'm still unable to replicate it on my end - on a Mac in all relevant browsers.


Dan said...