Mid Century Modern Bar

Have a High Ball. On us.

Atomic Indy Headquarters serves as a swingin' party pad. All swingin' party pads require the service of a drink station. Ours is completely complete.

Circling back to catch you up.

We reconfigured an oddly-placed three-section dining room closet by reversing two sections and adding a pocket door to the third.

We anchored the drink station upon a vintage Steelcase credenza which does a nice job of impersonating a Florence Knoll design (wine is stored inside main lower section).

Then we popped some color with this Panton-style patterned drink tray.

You're diggin' that tray. Want to know a secret?

I'll whisper it to you...

Lean in closer. Closer. It's part of Target's summer 2011 line. Now. Hush your mouth and read on.

Tray is topped with Dorothy Thorpe "Roly Poly" glasses brought back in favor by everyone's favorite TV show, Mad Men.

Booze is decanted in Dansk wood-topped decanters.

Ice is chilled in West Bend's famed Penguin ice bucket.

All is well-lit by a refinished spun aluminum double cone sconce.

Head bartender, Mr. Alexander Girard surveys all concoctions.

Mix at will. And be merry. Just leave your keys at the door.

Cheers (literally),




I-5 Design & Manufacture said...

Wonderful use of lighting. I love the way you used different colors of lighting to accent the different bottles. Wonderful.

college papers said...

I loved the tray mostly.

Daly Beauty said...

I am actually weak in the knees. Love. It. All.

mydeco said...

wow like the colours on the tray and like the glasees and sconce well done it looks really good, next time in im America Im coming over!