Mid Century Modern Kitsch Heaven

Meet kitsch perfection.

One of our good friends and long-time fans recently invited us into his home. He's managed to create the most elegantly masterful kitsch palace. It's not overt, but rather beautifully integrated with class and subtlety. Mad skills.

He has two beautiful Predicta TV sets. These are the modern reproductions : cable-ready and full-color.

Post pics of your place to the Atomic Indy Facebook Page. We'd love a peek inside.





Rhan Vintage said...

Wow incredible place! Love the Predictas!

Anonymous said...

Cozy and Crazy! I want to live in a house like that.

moviemag46 said...

I can assure that Baz's photography raises my house to a level of Fab not found in reality

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Double Glazing said...

Wow. Amazing place! I love it. Very colorful, lively and retro. I want to live in that place. I was so impressed! Great work!

Vanessa said...

This is indeed- perfection! I love this glorious mod palace. One day, I will carve out one of my own :)

mydeco said...

AWESOME place! It looks great I first though oh no lime green but it was pretty nice apart from that life-size model of a woman I hope it's not who I think it is but other than that the place looks great!