Mid Century Modern Gingerbread House

Home. Abode. Residence. Gingerbread.

Mid Century Modern architecture is: Delicious. Tasty. Delectable. Especially when made of gingerbread.

The muse:


The culmination of baking, cutting, pasting:


For more gingerbread mod-ness:

From Acura.

From Grassroots Modern.

From Whorange.

From Stacy Kelley.

And my fave:

Architect-designed by Craig McCormick of Indy's newest and coolest Architecture Firm: Black Line Studio.





Unknown said...

Wow! An artist and a chef extraordinaire! The best GBHouse of all the pictures you posted. Eagle

Jason Horning said...

Just stumbled on to your site from GRM. Love it! I live up in Anderson and I'm happy to see projects like this around. I'm a big fan of MCM and it looks like you're doing a great job. Inspirational!

AngieK said...

I can't wait to show these to my kids!!!

Mr. Home Furnishings said...

That is a great picture of the eames chair. I want to eat it.

tula said...

Oh, loving the swimming pool pad!

Toni said...

Patient people must have made those beautiful ginger bread houses. They look fabulous!

Lisa said...

I so love all of these gingerbread projects. You can mod-ify anything! :)

Rhan Vintage said...

these are just ridiculously awesome! love love love that mini plycraft lounge!

mydeco said...

these look tasty thanks for sharing them, not sure I would want to eat them after putting all that work into them though!

georgia b. said...


i have a friend whose architect fiancé {also a friend} made a "ginger bread" sculpture for the christmas party at the bauhaus society they belong to in chicago. he makes one every year. this year, he used salerno butter cookies to make the mies vanderoh {spelling?} towers in chicago. it was really cool!