Knoll Inc. Showroom Tour

Knoll's Mid Century Modern Masters.

New York City is dripping with Mid Century Modernism. Take for example this public courtyard full of Bertoia chairs. This is some serious inventory.

Or the Saarinen party going down in Grand Central Station's famed Oyster Bar.

The journey culminated with an invitation for a VIP tour of Knoll Inc.'s showroom. In true Atomic Indy fashion, we brought you along.

The tour starts strong with a giant image of Hans and Florence Knoll (and me).

Every turn brings a chairucopia of iconic Mid Century Modern porn. No judgment cast for scrolling through the below images with one hand.

Seduced. Ravished. Exhausted.

A patriotic sign-off from Knoll Inc., NYC.





Mr. Modtomic said...


(hey, you started it!)

Anonymous said...

Great post, BJ, loved it. uknowwho

tula said...

What Mr. Modtomic said.

MidCenturyHome said...

What a great space!
I always loved company like Knoll,they are not scared to experiment new products and being innovative :)

I hope to go there too one day.

Thanks for sharing.