Bay Area Eichlers

Mid Century Modern Eichlers in the Bay Area

I like to travel. Almost as much as I like Mid Century Modernism. When the two combine, the mod heavens open, and drool-able images rain down.

Cases in point include the post on Mid Century Modern homes in Denver, and the epic post on San Francisco Mid Century Modern furniture stores.

On a recent trip to the Bay Area, I tore through the Eichler hoods, with my camera snapping like a scene from West Side Story.


If you have Mid Century Modern pics collected along your travels, post 'em up on the Atomic Indy Facebook Page. I know about 1,300 people who'd love to see them.




modernesia said...

Great set of photos!

Chloe said...

A pleasant holiday shopping season to you and your readers. Thanks for continuing these posts on your blog.

Tungsten said...

Hey! I just bought one of the houses you have a picture of in this post. (Dark green Eichler with street # 152 about half way down.)

Looking forward to seeing some more posts!