Atomic Crash Party #8 : Preview

Mid Century Modern Home Tour + Cocktail Party.

Atomic Crash Party is back. With mad style.

Refresher course:

The Atomic Crash Party is a Mid Century Modern home tour blended with a cocktail party. On the rocks. Straight-up. With a twist.

It's all about good times with mod-loving friends. Tasty food. Adult beverages. Great architecture. And drool-worthy furniture.

Each time, we crash a different abode. And this installment brings us a Mid Century Modern house so sweet, it's sticky.

Home was built in 1957, and is now resided by only its second owner. Original details, like vintage Formica boomerang countertops, will have you giddy with giddiness. Your squeals and exclamations will not be judged. We did it too.

Here are some teasing shots to get you properly whetted.

How to get yourself involved:

Date: October 16th, 2010

Time: 1 pm – 5 pm

Location: Indy's Westside. RSVP for address. Details below.

Treats: Light refreshments will be served.

Imperatives: Good attitudes required.

Discretionary: Optional donation of $5.00 per person.

Donation breakout as follows:

• $2 to homeowner: supplements refreshment and prep cost.

• $2 to Indiana Landmarks: Offers support to help preserve Mid Century Modern Architecture throughout Indiana.

• $1 to Atomic Indy: Small token to cover planning/management time.

Please RSVP to Facebook invite. If you, and your other are coming please have both RSVP.

If not on Facebook, please RSVP via email with a subject line of, "Atomic Crash Party #8" Let us know how many you’re bringing.

We’re an all-inclusive exclusive group, so if you know other Mid Century Modern enthusiasts, invite them. Just have them RSVP by one of the above methods.

Note: This is your last chance to attend an Atomic Crash Party until Spring 2011. No pressure.





Anonymous said...

Where? Indy?

Baz Mcm said...


Yes. These events take place in Indy. We're working with some other cities to start similar events.



Jessi P said...

Good info! Keep up these nice posts.