Mid Century Modern Lighting

Just a little light refinishing.

Scored the above pendants at a CF3 Mid Century Modern swap meet in Cincinnati. Was pleased.

Had long been hunting a set of three matching pendants to replace the last remaining "flesh mount breast lamps".

Um. Moving on.

Loved the lights. Was less impressed by the brass and brown. Undeterred, I made them in my own image.

First a peek up my sleeve. Bar Keeper's Friend*. This stuff is the addictive white powder of the Mid Century Modern re-finisher. Your first hit is free. You can thank me later. And you will. Thank me.

Note the aged dirty color of the power cord.

Just a little white powder teamed with a gentle but vigorous rub and...

But wait! There's more. It polishes brass like Superman leaps tall buildings. In a single bound.

*This has not been a paid endorsement by Bar Keeper's Friend.

And we're back.

Dismantled the lights. Taped the the holes of the outer shell from the inside.

Carefully and meticulously hit everything with spray paint.

Patted myself on the back. Briefly.



And the angels sang.

The end.

This post brought you at 30,000' courtesy of American Airlines* in-flight wifi.

This has not been a paid endorsement by American Airlines.




Laura @ Just a Little Bit said...

Love it! Can't believe Bar Keeper's Friend is also re-finisher's friend! The orange and grey look awesome together.

Vanessa said...

Hot damn, sir. That bar keeper's friend is an amazing legal drug. Can't wait to scrub some vintage treasures at home with that fairy dust. (Well, "can't wait" is a bit of hyperbole, but..)

Carina said...

Well done!

Pam Kueber said...

i'm gettin' me some bk's friend. your lights look great... thanks!

moviemag46 said...

My Mamma...who would be 112 now...swore by BK's Friend...and now, so do you :-)

c said...

awesome! loving the modern retro. =)

Chris Magee said...

You didn't take any of the bar keepers friend on the flight did you? The light looks great.

J said...

Fabulous! You are an inspiration to me, sir.

Unknown said...

Looking good. I am a long time fan of BKF. For the MCMers that love their pyrex, it is magic. Hope to see you guys soon.

Carole said...

I think those pendant lamps are fantastic, and I love what you did with them.

John and Diane said...


Tikimama said...

Love Bar Keeper's Friend too, but tell me, did you use it dry, as it appears in your photo? Never woulda thought of that...

Your light now looks like something straight outta Rejuvenation, which is a big compliment in my book. (Not a paid endorsement from Rejuvenation)

Baz Mcm said...

@ Everyone:

Thanks for all the love and support. Makes all this posting worth it.

@ Tikimama:

The cloth is dampened, then the BKF is sprinkled on it. It all mixes together once I start the scrubbing.

Sewing Geek said...

You are truly brilliant. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that light and I want one! And I am already addicted to BKF, thank you very much. It makes all things news.

Miss Ophelia Rose said...

Thanks for the tip on the Bar Keepers Friend. I am going to go buy some tomorrow and see what it can do in my 1953 house!