Atomic Crash Party #7

Mid Century Modern Home Tour / Mixer

June 19 2010

The Atomic Crash Party season is in full effect. Rockin' our fair city with break-neck Mid Century Modern style. It oozes cool. So do you. We dig that about you.

Most of our crash partiers this month will be coming down from the inevitable high sustained during the "Woollen Weekend" of lectures, exhibits and MCM home tours. Atomic Crash Party 7 will be the bump you need to keep your MCM buzz buzzin' clear into July. Sustainable highs are the best kind.

Here's your quick teaser of the ACP7 abode. Lick those lips and warm those taste buds. Tastiness awaits.

To add hip to cool, the ace photog-ress Polina Osherov mated with the drool-inducing stylings of the illustrious Nikki Sutton to birth this recent photo shoot in the ACP7 abode. Swanky hotness and saucy Mad Men-ness ensued.

Come play and you too could exude this much hip-cat-ness.

And now for the obligatory chatter:

A.C.P #7 Details:

Date: June 19th, 2010

Time: 1 pm – 5 pm

Location: RSVP for address. Details below.

Treats: Light refreshments will be served.

Imperatives: Good attitudes required.

Discretionary: Optional donation of $5.00 per person.

Donation breakout as follows:

• $2 to homeowner: supplements refreshment and prep cost.

• $2 to Indiana Landmarks: Offers support to help preserve Mid Century Modern Architecture throughout Indiana.

• $1 to Atomic Indy: Small token to cover planning/management time.

Please RSVP to Facebook invite. If you, and your other are coming please have both RSVP.

If not on Facebook, please RSVP via email with a subject line of, "Atomic Crash Party #7" Let us know how many you’re bringing.

We’re an all-inclusive exclusive group, so if you know other Mid Century Modern enthusiasts, invite them. Just have them RSVP by one of the above methods.



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that room divider ROCKS!!!