Mid Century Modern Cincinnati

20th Century Cincinnati :: Review in Pics.

These pillows say it all. Twice.

Way behind on sharing our Mid Century Modern extra curricular lovin' with you. As you know, we get around. And during all that getting around, we take lots of pics. Well, here, now, we vow to start busting 'em out for your viewing pleasure.

First up: Pics of Mid Century Modern furniture snapped at the 20th Century Cincinnati show in February. Enjoy.

If you've never been to 20th Century Cincinnati, you should remedy that vacancy in your life.

Up next: Michigan Modernism Show :: Review in Pics.




Anonymous said...

Hey, wow, my mother has the Heywood Wakefield two-piece cabinet thing in the 12th picture, along with a matching sideboard and dining table and chairs. I've seen a lot of Heywood Wakefield but never another one of that particular piece in your photo.

Joe S said...


tula said...


Atlanta Modern said...

Our friend Brian bought that orange fireplace and we hauled it all the way back to the ATL! We had a blast at the show and are definitely planning on returning!


crash pad girl said...

I am speechless!