Mid Century Modern Exterior Painting

Exterior Renovating - Phase 1

Spring sprung sprang. Whatever. The weather is delightful and staying inside is frightful. So we stepped outside for a little fun in the sun. Mid Century Modern renovation style.

Let us preface by saying we typically wouldn't recommend someone paint their limestone facade. But, in our case there were several layers of offensive beige paint to contend with. Combine this with fear of sandblasting the mortar to oblivion, and you're faced with a logical decision: Paint over the old bad paint with new good paint.

To remind you, we previously painted over the same beige paint on our fireplace with the gray you're about to witness.

But first, how awesome is this tree. Pretty awesome, right?

Back to work.

We busted out the Wagner paint sprayer. Sprayers save time. Time is precious.

Took a break from the ground. Scurried up a ladder. Painted the chimney. Got a sunburn. Didn't mind.

Back on the ground, we called out a too-long-unnoticed detail with our accent color of choice.

And then the deck came tumbling down.

The slapped-on deck has never looked like it belongs to this house. This is most likely because it doesn't. It was put on by the "flippers" to cover up and stabilize a large built-in planter that was falling apart. We may eventually restore said planter. But for the time being, we choose to make the existing deck a better integration to the horizontal lines of our Mid Century Modern home. We turned it into a chill platform. For chilling.

In nearly two years of living here, we've never sat out on the deck. Bring on the Salterini-style bench. And Mojitos.

Here's a closer look at the foundation of the built-in planter, turned deck foundation. The deck now stabilizes the decay.

Using HardiePlank, some Liquid Nails, and a level, we went about the business of making bad into good.

This concludes Phase 1 of our exterior renovation project. Phase 2 involves removal of the beige vinyl siding. Beneath the vinyl is the original vertical wood siding. Cross your toes that we may find it in good shape. Phase 2.5 is a new front door. Crestview Doors, here we come.




A Year at the River said...

Love the deck now! Great work!

Jess Snell said...

Wow, this is GREAT! Cannot wait to see the siding take shape. Love the gray and orange, looks fabulous. I'm inspired - now if I could just get off my butt and get my own siding redone!

Unknown said...

Wow! Love love love your accent trim- really makes those cool windows POP. Gotta love the sprayers...

Deck to platform a total win. Absolutely fabulous and any "flippers" should take note- less is always more!!

Good job B!

Anonymous said...

That looks amazing!

I second you on the vinyl siding. If you will excuse my language, I refer to my siding as "that awful yellow plastic crap". The house was built in '68 so doesn't have a mod look but I think I could change that if I got all the junk off the outside. From what I've been able to uncover, I think we have mauve colored wood siding underneath. La la la.

Chrissy Cook Gomez said...

You are amazing! Love it!

troy. said...

Nice work! Good to see you're back in the renovating game.

Tamara said...

That looks so much better, and love the chill platform. We have a platform deck and love it. Railings can just ruin an otherwise perfect spot to drink. (I'm no safety nut obviously.)

We're stuck with an inappropriate beige (brick) fireplace as well...just not sure whether to paint, or sand blast, or face it in stone veneer. Will have to forward pics and let the group weigh in. Is sand blasting really not a good option? Good work and love that accent color!

Uncle Atom said...

Looks great, nice touch on the accent color and getting rid of the deck. And thank God for Crestview Doors!

Christiane Erwin said...

Wow! Okay, normally I am totally against painting stone or brick... but this is one of those cases where you totally made it better. And I love the gray with that eye-popping yellow! And I like the deck too. Probably gives you a lot more light in the front windows than a planter anyway ;-)

(Off to poke David about building us a deck... like he has nothing else to do, LOL)

ModFruGal said...

Looks great...much better than the beige!

MoonDoggie said...

Oh my, the change is unbelievelable. Who would've thought? It looks wonderful. Completely loving the grey, especially with that orange trim round the windows.
Nice work

Tristan said...

Nice. Love the color accent on the wall portals.

And the redbud - my fave tree this time of year.

Kelly Light said...

Beyond awesome! I love what you guys do-luv luv luv it

J said...

Well done! I am inspired by your deck-turned chill platform. Unfortunately, my similarly offensive deck is some seven feet off the ground. Mod-sympathetic railings are somewhere . . . quite some distance . . . down the list of to-do items.

Here's to hoping good things lurk under the vinyl.

Johnny Fear said...

Looks great, Baz. Inspring, as always, with a little dose of guilt related to how little we've done this spring. Keep it up and maybe we'll get a project finished yet this year.

egads said...

Wow, what a difference! I wanted that railing gone from the first photo I ever saw.

Chris Magee said...

Baz, keep it up the great work on the house, will the new siding be orange?

Craig McCormick said...

Nice work. Love the colors. As I saw the first couple of photos I was thinking... he should get rid of that awful railing. Presto!

Louise (Table Tonic) said...

RIDICULOUSLY gorgeous house!!! Ugh, I'm in heaven just looking at it. I can only imagine how it feels to live in it!
LOVE your blog.

Unknown said...

what is the specific grey that you used?