Mid Century Modern Giveaway

And the Winner is...

Eric Carros of Atlanta, GA.

Going out on a limb here and guessing he lives in ATL's swanky Northcrest. Are we right, Eric?

Eric is in need of two Spektr sconces to replace some Big-Box-Home-Improvement-Store specials. We can relate to that.

Eric also needs seven of these cabinet pulls to transform his bathroom into a throne room fit for a Mid Century Modern King. We went with the king analogy because the star back plates resemble a crown. Kind of.

Congrats to Eric. We expect pics of your goodies installed. We'll be in touch.

To the rest; thank you for playing. We hope to keep bringing you these opportunities.




Eric said...

This is so exciting! I think this is the first time I have ever won anything. Also, you are correct about me living in Northcrest. Here is my not so fancy blog about my house.


Thanks a bunch!

Sobayli said...

Well since I did not win I'm glad it went to a fellow Northcrester! Thanks for the opportunity Baz.

Anonymous said...

Those drawer pulls are super fab. Next time I'm in ATL I'll have to check out Northcrest!