Mid Century Modern Giveaway

Stop, collaborate and listen. Rejuvenation is back with a brand new invention. And, a giveaway.

If you're unfamiliar with Rejuvenation you must change that. Now. They specialize in new, authentic reproduction hardware and fixtures of modern classics. Such as:

Aeros Tri: $386

Aloha: $225

Peg nob: $4.00

Corona: $199

Whale Tale Pull: $4.00

Dora: $258

And now introducing the newest line of the highly sought after hourglass pendants and sconces:

Galaxy: $699
Galaxy: Large Mid-Century Modern Chandelier

And our favorite (in brushed aluminum):

Spektr: $129
Spektr: Mid-Century Modern Wall Bracket

This was a mere sampling. Appetite whetted, ready to embark onto main course of contest details.

How to Play:

Go to Rejuvenation's Mid Century Modern section with $300 in mind. Search incredible inventory. Salivate. Wipe. Repeat. Until you've found must have item(s).

$300 can be used as seen fit. Need $300 worth of pulls for your kitchen? Go for it. Need two lights to hang over your Eichler kitchen island with collapsible breakfast table? Do it. Ah, but what if you want something(s) worth more than $300? Simply pay the difference. Done.

Leave a comment on this post stating where your selected item(s) would live in your abode.

• Include link(s) (cut and pasted URL is fine) to said product(s) in your aforementioned comment.

• Make sure to give enough detail for us to contact you (anonymous comments can't win).

Increase your chances:

• Feel free to Tweet your link(s) with hashtag #MCMgiveaway.

• Or Facebook link(s) to your coveted item(s) on Atomic Indy's Facebook Page. Do all of the above to increase your chances. Triple your chances, to be exact.

Entries from the Blog, Twitter, and Facebook will be dropped in the proverbial hat with one name being selected at random.

Entries open through Friday 3/5/10 at 3pm EST. Winner announced Monday 3/8/10.

Go forth and select free modern.




Steve Conley said...

Bought our 61 MCM atomic rancher right in the middle of the atomic city (Oak Ridge, TN) in November of last year. We've been remodeling the entire house while keeping the home as close to the origial look as possible. The Aeros Tri light would look fantastic hanging over our Heywood Wakefield kitchen table. I can picture in my head right now. Saawweeet!


Steve Conley

Chris Magee said...


And I'd fill out the rest of the $300 out with these:


Chris Magee said...

Forgot to add the pulls would go in the new kitchen and the light would go over our stairwell replacing the existing wall sconce.

joyce said...

oooh, i'm torn between the aeros tri
and the corona (i would hang a cluster of them) to be the finishing touch over our 50s diner!

what a fun way to start the day!




frankensteinsbride1313 said...

I think this would look great above my bar in my living room, the blue isn't quite right but I think it is close enough.


I would finish off the rest of the $300 with these http://www.rejuvenation.com/fixshow100208/templates/selection.phtml

Wendy said...

Bought a 1960's ranch that is just this side of groovy. It needs some help and this awesome fixture would look simply perfect hanging in the retro laundry room (my little getaway spot)!


And a few of these to finish off the cabinets in there!

Wendy T.


Laura said...

One of the previous owners of our house put a drop ceiling in the kitchen, with awful fluorescent light boxes that make it feel like a school cafeteria.

New flush-mounted fixtures are #1 on our "fix-this" list. Two Nimbus fixtures would be perfect.

saraj said...

I purchased my 1954 MCM home over 8 years ago from the original owners! It was a rare find in Rochester, MN. And it was my first home purchase, so I was pumped to have such a cool first home! They updated the kitchen before I bought it, so I was very diappointed about that...but I have been working on restoring the kitchen to its former glory.

The Orbis Tri (http://www.rejuvenation.com/fixshowC468/templates/selection.phtml) would complete the look above my tulip table and replace the hidious fan(http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/photo.php?pid=186061&id=100000175989676)!!!

Thanks Atomic Indy!!!

probability said...

Yeah, I totally want the Galaxy above the dining table.



Unknown said...

Wow, this lamp http://www.rejuvenation.com/fixshow100300/templates/selection.phtml the Ventana Tripod table lamp is wonderful.

And definitely rounding out the rest with 1-1/2" Hexagonal Glass Knob although I'm undecided on the color. http://www.rejuvenation.com/fixshow6336/templates/selection.phtml

Tracy Reinhardt

Wink said...

My 1974 condo still sports the original d├ęcor in the (windowless) basement bedroom, and I have long wanted to replace the two bordello-esque wall sconces with something exactly like the Spektr model:

The remainder could handily be made up of the brushed Dish/Star Backplate knobs for all of the bifold doors in the house:

Natalie said...

We are currenly remodeling our Dallas, TX 1960 ranch style home to fit its era and this would look great in our dining area! We will also eventually get drawer pulls, but redoing the dining area is next on the list.


maryanne said...

I was at the Rejuvenation store and these fixtures are even nicer in person. It was a drool-fest to say the least. We're just in the planning stages to remodel our kitchen/dining room in our 1955 ranch. I'm sure I could find a place for the galaxy http://www.rejuvenation.com/fixshowC202-10/templates/selection.phtml?n=v&tab=specs or outfit the kitchen in peg knobs with star backplates http://www.rejuvenation.com/fixshow100202/templates/selection.phtml

troy. said...

The Corona would grace the airspace above our kitchen sink!


undercover caterer said...

I'm DYING for a Corona Tri in bronzetone.....the closest thing I can find to my Nana's dining chandelier, and that's where I'd put it. Just had surgery an hour ago, but will link this up to Twitter, FB and my blog when I come down off the drugs and can move my hand a bit better.

Love Rejuv and love MCM Indy!

Vintage Hunter said...

I would go for the Astron Tri in yellow and hang it in my master bedroom. I'm in the middle of remaking the room right now.



Carina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carina said...

I would start with the Otis wall sconces for my entry, throw up a Skyport in my foyer, and Corona Tri for my stairway gallery. OH YES I WOULD.


sabeth nasferati said...

i'm trying to match an original fixture that will hang about 10 feet away from my new rejuvenation one when i win it! The original is in the dining room and this one will replace a can light in the living room. this fixture is very similar and will work perfectly. http://www.rejuvenation.com/fixshowC532/templates/selection.phtml
i am also in desperate need of a simple door bell ringer. simplicity is hard to find: http://www.rejuvenation.com/fixshow4334/templates/selection.phtml?n=v&fin_selected=BN&img=Z005852
thanks for this opportunity to win free shiznit.

Tristan said...

If I had these in chrome, I'd never leave the house: Hewitt: Mid-Century Modern Three-Light Shower: http://tinyurl.com/y9fvs8u

Donna said...

My awesome 1951 baby blue tile bathroom would be complete if I replace the tacky 80s fixture with the Donald in chrome!


Dawn said...

First of all, I am insanely jealous of Donna's powder blue bathroom. (sigh) We are poor as church mice around here. So poor, in fact, that we haven't yet put the shower back in our Jack and Jill bathtub room that we had to gut due to water rot. We have a tub without fixtures and that's how it's been for three years. We could use a little luxury!! Our 1959 ranch would adore these house numbers (three to be exact):

And I know it's probably wrong to love a doorbell this much but I do:

Finally I'd round it out with this because the orange would look great in our paneled eating area with our orange marmoleum floor!

Noriko said...

I need two Aloha sconces! These sconces are exactly what I need for my mid century modern inspired bedroom!


Robert Galvin said...


Hi! I like the Astron Tri. It will go in my dining room with my mid-century table and chairs. Bold colors, snazzy shades. Email me at galvinrobert@hotmail.com. Also on Facebook.

Amy Burger said...

I want this fantastic porch light for our front porch. I have been searching for a cool MCM porch sconce to replace the ugly 1980s fixture out there now. This would be PERFECT:


Bill Gunter said...

The Corona light would proudly hang in my office over my new (old) danish modern orange Herculon recliner. The remainder I would spend on drawer pulls (I like those whale tails) or another light.

dana said...

I would love love love the
* Cove
* Item # AA 6549
It will replace the crappy bulb hanging by a chain in my entry hall in my crappy apartment. And when I finally save enough dough for that Mid Century home I've always dreamed of, I'll hang that puppy in it and decorate the place around it!
Polished Nickel makes me happy. Your lights are like porn to me.

Amber King said...

Drooling... we are remodeling a huge 1959 MCM house in Baton Rouge and these fixtures are PERFECT!

The kitchen remodel is almost done and the only thing I have left to purchase is the light fixture to attach to the soffit over the sink. The Cove is the one for that space!

We have a mystery outlet near the ceiling of the den wall, and I would love to use it by converting the Dora into a swag to hang over a MCM showpiece seat of some kind for a great reading/lounge area.

The plans for the funky 70s wetbar in the rumpus room addition is a (backwards) rejuvenation to 1959 and the Aeros Tri would look fantastic over it!

So much more remodeling work to do... but drooling sure is fun. -Amber

Tamara said...


Whale Tail pulls - Perfect for the vanity and storage cabinets in our yet-to-be-remodeled bathroom in our mid-century ranch home. They are sleek, gorgeous, and functional, all at a GREAT price!


Vida Wall Sconces - a pair of these flanking the sink in the bathroom will complete the look!

Rejuvenation continues to create top-quality designs - love this stuff!

Tamara Hoffbauer
tamara (at) vintagecraftworks.com

Mary-Frances said...

I'll probably risk losing because if we don't win this - we're going to buy them anyway:

Basically worked in as sconces in the new bathroom design in the brushed metal!

Can't wait!

Unknown said...


The Aeros Tri would be a perfect addition to our breakfast area in our kitchen. While we haven't remodeled the kitchen yet, we plan to at least introduce our ultimate lighting to at least start to feel that some changes are happening.


Katelin said...

For the master bedroom (little alcove across from the bed, currently lit with ugly 'boob' shaped light fixture): Nimbus - http://www.rejuvenation.com/fixshowC155/templates/selection.phtml

To replace the 'colonial' gold-tone sconce currently to the left of our front door, the Vida - http://www.rejuvenation.com/fixshowW206/templates/selection.phtml

I'm pretty much set on these pieces and we need to put our tax returns to good use, so you can expect to see them in the neighborhood even if we don't win! ;-)

Courtney said...

Oh where do I begin??? In polished chrome I would like:

a Dora for my phone nook (favoritist feature in the house) and some dish+star pulls for my bathroom to match my authentic dish+star pulls in my nook.



a Donald for the spot above my sink to replace the missing Donald-esque light fixture that once resided there.


Unknown said...

I would definitely go for two of the Spektr wall sconces, one for each side of my bed! They are sooo gorgeous...

Donna Sink said...

I've been trying to convince a client that the Spektr sconce in brushed aluminum is the perfect fixture for their kitchen - maybe if they didn't have to pay for it they'd agree? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to have 3 of http://www.rejuvenation.com/fixshowC996/templates/selection.phtml?iqg=8bd10e643b496a53430e9f37cd1bda6b

As always, Baz is awesome for delivering a great giveaway.

Tara Uebelhor Bayse

Mason said...

I'll play. I'm thinking a couple of the white Spektrs would look great in my daughters' pink-tiled bathroom in our 1959 split level.


Or I'd be happy to pay the difference on the Asterix to have it hanging over the dining room table. Decisions, decisions.


Dj Matt Fresh (matthew mcelfresh) said...

2 specktr above my turntables would equal bonus fortune and killer times!

Meg Ruth said...

Oh man! This would be awesome

So here's what I want for the kitchen:

8 of these in milk blue

22 of these guys in milk blue

And 1 of these beauties for my entryway. Can't have a very low hanging light because the front door is so dang tall.

Eric said...

I need 2 of these to go in the hallway really bad. Right now I just have a cheapo Home Depot light that isn't cutting it. http://www.rejuvenation.com/fixshowW414/templates/selection.phtml?n=v&custom_code=12g75&&custom_code=12g75&newW414[45SWITCH]=NO

I also need 7 of these to make the bathroom look better. http://www.rejuvenation.com/fixshow100212/templates/selection.phtml


Jeff said...


Above the kitchen table we want to build in when we remodel!

-Jeff Hopper (you know where you can find me)

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Ashley said...

I would LOVE three of these:
for when I remodel my kitchen/dining room over the island/bar I plan on installing!

Twitter: @ashleysflintoff
FB: www.facebook.com/ashleysflintoff

happileah said...

Whoa! What an amazing giveaway!

I would love this light

and I'd spend the rest on these Boomerang pulls for my future kitchen re-do


happileah said...

oops..was so excited I didn't follow the rules, the light would go in my office!


Johnny Fear said...

Is no one else going to comment on the Ice Ice Baby intro or is everyone just too shy to admit that they were big fans?

In any case, I could definitely dig chipping in on a Donald to replace our $30 Home Depot special on the front of the house: http://www.rejuvenation.com/fixshowW873/templates/selection.phtml?n=v&custom_code=u5ju&&custom_code=u5ju&newW873[10FINISH]=W873BN

Methinks it would look pretty sweet with the Sfera once I get that installed.

Tom B said...

I would like a couple of Coves! One to replace the Home depot light in the hallway, and one for our very dark stairway!
I would like the balance in Knobs to replace the too modern knobs in our 1961 original kitchen.
Brushed chrome for all, please!
It would all be for this place, a 1961 Contemporary Ranch:

Liz said...

ooh we Love Rejuvenation lighting!
I have lots of things from their catalog on my wishlist!
We have our eyes on NIMBUS for the hallway

and i would love the aloha sconce in bronze for a reading corner in our living room


Tara said...

Just closed on our 1952 Ranch on Tuesday!! So excited to get started on making this house our mid century home. I think the perfect start to our renovations would be adding 2 brushed aluminum Spektrs (http://www.rejuvenation.com/fixshowW414/templates/selection.phtml) to our hallway, and replace the knobs on our built-in desk with 9 brushed chrome Dish + Star Backplate Knobs (http://www.rejuvenation.com/fixshow100212/templates/selection.phtml).

-- Tara (tarakleinstudio@gmail.com)

Maren said...

I fell in love with the Orbis Tri about a month ago...it's not in the budget right now so I was ecstatic to stumble across this giveaway! The can lights in our dining room are lacking some serious ambiance. Thankfully one is located dead center...I would be overjoyed to replace it with this fixture!



Anonymous said...

Okay, Donna! We are getting the Spetr light for the island. Now what do you think for the overhead in the kitchen? Big ball?

HipMamaB said...

I've been lusting over a globe pendant light - actually 2 of them, one big one and one smaller one to hang from our post and beam ceilings of our 1957 Atomic Ranch CA beach house. I have found them in the Sefera 16 - http://www.rejuvenation.com/fixshowC532/templates/selection.phtml

and the Sefera 8:

We have the BIG A$$ wall.. and we want them to hang, with one higher than the other, from the ceiling in front of this wall solving lighting issues and adding SUPER coolness to the living room. What is on the "BAW" is another story.. wallpaper? paint? 3-d designs?

But I know I want the lamps.. and I'm only going over "budget" by $55!

Eric Risch said...

I can use five Nimbus Flush Mount Light Fixtures (http://www.rejuvenation.com/fixshowC155/templates/selection.phtml) for the kitchen, foyer, and three hallways in my 1900 Victorian home.


Jennifer said...


I am working on he kitchen in my tiny 1948 home, and want a "retro" kitchen (it's been ruined by previous owners, and needs serious help). I've been looking for a light fixture, and LOVE this one:
I think it will be perfect!


Unknown said...

How timely! Currently working on our 1957 MCM bought with the help of Indy MCM Real Estate guru Joe Shoemaker. Need to update some of the bad eighties track lighting soon, but I think a pair of the brushed aluminum Spektr's flanking the headboard in the bedroom would be a nice start. With a few bucks left over I'd get some of the round back plates in brushed Chrome for the dished knobs we bought last weekend!

Ben Griffin



Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kat thielman said...


I am torn between the Corona Tri and the Galaxy for my dining room or kitchen.

Decisions, decisions if I win :-)

katrina thielman

Sobayli said...

Gotta have it in the kitchen!


Fun meeting you in Cincy at the cocktail party!

zdp said...

I took the liberty of doing some mock-ups to show what the items would look like in my house.

Dora in the phone nook.

Donald in the kitchen.

Hewitt in the entry.

I realize these aren't quite to scale, but you get the idea.


Unknown said...

We are redoing our 1957 kitchen and these would look amazing in them:


We're taking the 1980's and early 90's out so goodbye cream wallpaper and plastic backsplash! These lights would perfect our remodel!

Beth said...

Hi! I'd put two of the Corona pendants in brushed aluminum above my vanity.


the post girl in dc said...

Great contest!
I'm totally in love with this:

And would just toss in the difference.

Unknown said...

Hi! I am renovating a 1965 split-level near Nashville, TN. I'd use the Aeros Tri in the living room....been dreaming about it for six months now!





Mike D said...

Hi Baz,

I'd mount 2 Spektr in Brushed Aluminum on my hallway wall of my Cliff May home.

Mike D

Felix Drexler said...

I am totally in love with The Galaxy Light in Brushed Aluminum. I'd use above my Saarinen dining table and it will look killer! http://www.rejuvenation.com/fixshowC202-10/templates/selection.phtml?ipb=AI0001



Linda said...

My daughter is fond of mid-century design and I can only imagine how much fun she would have with $300 to spend at Rejuvenation! I couldn't even begin to guess what she would pick out from their many options, all of which would look great in her 1970 rambler.


Anonymous said...

A couple of these fixtures would perfectly complement the Danish Modern aesthetic I have going in my '60s place (unfortunately, at some point in the '80s, the original fixtures were removed). Love Rejuvenation!

Orbis pendant:


Astron pendant:


canyonculture (at) gmail.com

bifold doors said...

We will also eventually get drawer pulls, but redoing the dining area is next on the list.