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Design We Love.

Indianapolis Museum of Art's Design Arts Society (DAS) consistently quenches our design-craving thirst with great happenings. Latest installment was nectar to our parched lips.

Event was called "Design We Love." You'll dig the concept. Promise.

Check it:

Take two of Indy's top interior designers, add a well-informed collector, give them an audience, then turn them all loose in a huge mod furniture store. High-brow entertainment ensues.

Each picks two objects, taking turns discussing what they love or hate about them. Passion begets passion, and this passionista crowd was writhing in it.

Event took place at Form + Function (F+F). There's only one difference between F+F and a museum; here you can take home anything you want. If you haven't been through the spot, do it. It's a journey-worthy destination.

At F+F you'll find the right mix of today's most contemporary designers overlaid with new, licensed Mid Century Modern classics.

Evening kicked-off with wine, cheese, and succulent conversation. Then, the gloves came off.

Let the love-to-love-to-hate battle begin.

Crowd jockeys for position by securing the most notably expensive chair they can find. Comfort, in this case, is secondary.

In a store full of chairs, we were standing room only. Irony.

The illustrious Nikki Sutton delivers her love/hate dissertations with rabid abandon. Onlookers hang on every word.

Certain audience members toss their own 2¢ into the till.

Former Herman Miller showroom designer turned interior entrepreneur, Tom Vriesman expresses his emphatic dislike for Alessi's Bunny & Carrot kitchen roll holder. We didn't disagree. Some did. All's fair in design, love, design, and then war.

Passionate collector, V. Simon Abraham delivers his insight with refined eloquence.

The concept for this event is killer. Thanks to F+F for hosting. Thanks to DAS for conceiving. Thanks to Indy for embracing art and culture. Thanks to you for reading.

This is but one of many events DAS delivers throughout the year. Learn more about getting involved here. If not in Indy, check your city's museum to see if they have a similar program. If not, start one.

Next time, come out and play.



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Unknown said...

Wow. Great pics and post. Thanks so much for sharing, I can live out my dreams of lots of real-life MCM interaction vicariously through you. Rad.