Mid Century Modern Time Capsule

Memories get wall-sealed.

Our mad, Mid Century Modern renovation updates, start... Now.

Upon early-day tear-down of walls, we made a touching decision; create a time capsule to be hidden inside a rebuilt wall. Touching, right? Fast forward one year. Need to enact said decision has arrived.

Time capsules act as the vintage equivalent of hard drive back-ups. Memories and files stored.

Thoughts of some future renovation couple discovering this time capsule warms our emotions with tingly joy. Which isn't any different than a typical Saturday night at the Atomic Indy abode. Perhaps I've said too much.


Hanging drywall goes on with relative ease.

Then things get complicated.

Picture this:

A man. A woman. 100 kilos of fluffy white powder.

Find yourself picturing a scene from any number of Johnny Depp films?


This scenario does however accurately depict our first venture into drywall finishing. Which as it turns out, varies greatly from drywall hanging. Who knew?

Oh. No, officer. Nothing. To. Um. See here. Really. It's, uh, just drywall dust. Really.

One tip: Use a shop vac while you sand. Helps a little. Not a lot.

Mrs. Baz (aka Jax) in full-on painting action. Super hot.

Terryl B. (aka Laughing Lovely) tag-teaming that wall with Mrs. Baz. Double hot.

And... Done.

Joys of a Mid Century Modern home renovation never cease. Completion of each phase brings the reward of sitting back, admiring, and back-patting. I do so love the affirmation of a nice back pat.




J said...

Well done! Drywall finishing is the worst. We have been in the midst of it for the last week. Thankfully done now, but I am sure powder will seep from the nether regions for decades to come.

A Year at the River said...

Nice. And just an FYI, the word verification I have to type to post this comment is "embuts" that made me laugh.

Baz Mcm said...

Jen; Thanks. Happy to hear we're not alone in these joyous turmoils.

C. Resources; Funny. As in, "'embuts are nice n round."

Nicole said...

I love the time capsule idea! may have to borrow that when I finally acquire my next home.

Nicole C

redneckmodern said...

love the TC idea... might do it ourselves.

as for sanding: http://redneckmodern.typepad.com/redneckmodern/2008/01/the-drywall-bon.html

i've been using a dewalt random orbital sander attached to this. works well...

IM said...

looking great!!! I love the progress reports!

troy. said...

Baz: Nice on the time capsule. I wrote our blog address on some of the framing in the half-bath before I closed it up!

redneckmodern: Great idea -- thanks for sharing the link!

Steve said...

Well done! Raises all around.

I sanded and primer-ed my last wall last night. I'm finding drywall dust in rooms at the opposite end of the house (really officer, it's only home improvement remnants!).
Great update!

happileah said...

Well, what's in the can?

egads said...

Baz, great as always. I get tingling just looking

Clue: wet sponge, rough side, made for this use

Clue II: mask floor

Clue III: wear mask