Mid Century Modern Holiday Party

Atomic Indy knows how to party - all the way down.

First party at our enigmatic in-progress Mid Century Modern abode is complete. Let's call it our inaugural holiday party, which is to mean first annual, which implies reoccurring gatherings hence forth. Implications are implicitly fun.

Roughly estimating 70 Mid Century Modern-loving guests rolled through to celebrate holidays, friendships and glance sneak peeks of our passion project.

One such guest is editorial photographer and Avriel Shull homeowner, Zach Dobson. His camera was snapping with machine-gun-like fury. No one had time to duck. Resulting aftermath unfolds below. Beautifully.

Fine print disclaimer: No MCMers were harmed in the shooting of these images.

Run it...

Graciously beautiful hostess with the utmost mostest, Mrs. Baz (A.K.A "Jax")

Baz in real life varies only slightly from is cartooned avatar. This is me. Allegedly.

"For relaxing times, make it Suntory time." See reference here.

"May I have your attention please. Just wanted to say... You. All. Rock. Party-on."

The laughing lovely is Terryl B. She saves lives. Among other things.

Love this.

Alexander Girard well represented.

This shot channels Julius Shulman in inspiring ways.

Architect J. Parke Randall, original Mid Century Modernist. He lived the stuff for real.

Thank you, Zach for the photo love. You can take our pictures anytime.

Renovation notes:

Problem: Have lingering projects in need of completion.

Solution: Invite 100 design-centric people to party at your pad.

Result: Copious renovation headway necessitated by party prep unfurls.

Stand-by for tasty Mid Century Modern renovation updates to feast upon through the breaking dawn of a new year. We're back with tenacious vigor and we've got your MCMin' right here.




Carina said...

You two are quite the smashing couple!

Looks like a great party.

HipMamaB said...

FAB pics! What a fun evening!

LesleySW said...

Love the photos. Wish I could have been there. The house looks great.

laughing lovely said...

Such a good time! Glad to be part of it all. Among other things.

John and Diane said...

Looks like a fabulous party. Getting ready to have a big one here at the Valley Ho (aka Rancho Tostado) on Xmas Eve (you're all invited. Guess I better get off my lazy butt and do a blog entry to that effect...) Happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

i swear i was at that party!-vado

J. Chris @ Just Modern said...

Great photos, great party, so jealous!