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Vote for Mid Century Modernism Awareness.

Am normally not a "vote for me" kind of guy. So hear me out.

Indiana's Top 50 Blogs
contest is going down. Normally wouldn't notice. But our great friend Joe Shoemaker took it upon himself to nominate Atomic Indy. Quickly 116 others followed him and we now sit in 16th place. (update 11/6/09: 5th place. Keep 'em coming!).

With so much grassroots support, only seems right to make a run at this thing.

Please click here, then click "vote". That easy. No registration necessary.

Not in Indiana? No matter. Simply ask yourself, is Atomic Indy my favorite blog in Indiana? Yup. It is. Click "vote".

A vote for Atomic Indy is a vote for Mid Century Modern awareness and preservation.

I'm Baz, and I approve this message.

Vote here. Vote now.




happileah said...

Done. Good Luck!

Baz Mcm said...

Thanks Leah. Hero status achieved.



iLuvGeorgeNelson said...

I love Atomic Indy! Lots of mid-century modern stuff to drool over, great photos of great homes & decor...

And I voted about 5 minutes ago, when it was up to 196 votes.

Baz Mcm said...

Yes. We. Can.

Baz Mcm said...

Nice things are being said on the contest page. Am blushing.

- Best information on mid-century modern happenings in the Midwest.

- yes the best in the midwest

- We love atomicindy.com! Best in the Midwest.

- This is a fantastic resource for preservationists in Indiana - fun, informative and groovy.

- Outstanding information and style; it never fails to entertain!

- This is very good reading, thanks heads up.

- Atomic Indy made me realize how much I love mid-century modern. His quirky obsession shines a light on this great design era.

- My favorite Indiana blog! Atomic Indy is fun, informative and always an adventure. Long live mcm!

- As a fellow blogger I’m always impressed at the quality and the frequency of your post. Keep up the great work, and keep the voice for mid century preservation and appreciation going.

- I was thrilled to find this blog. Great asset.

- top-shelf treatment of a subject that deserves it!

Joe S said...

With all the votes counted...