Mid Century Modern = Top 5 Blogs

Atomic Indy seals top 5 spot.

(this is our badge to prove it)

Brief post to offer quick thank-yous. Shakin' hands and kissin' babies so to speak. Gratitude extended to you for:

1.) Voting for Atomic Indy.

2.) Suggesting a vote to others.

3.) Tolerating our propoganda and campaigning.

Was particularly touched by comments amassed on voting site. Too kind.

We were visited by 275, 100% new readers through Top 50 Indiana Blogs. Several of them have already joined the Atomic Indy Facebook Page and/or followed on Twitter. In short, they're hooked like the rest of us.

Mission to increase Mid Century Modern interest and awareness deemed a success. Plot of world domination by way of "Mid Century Modernizing the Modern World" is well underway.

We can now return you to your regularly scheduled Mid-Century-Modern-loving programming.



P.S. Quick shout out to my father, Col. "Baz" on Veteran's Day. Thanks for the love you gave through service.

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