Mid Century Modern Giving of Thanks

A Mid Century Modern look back.

Thanksgiving approaches with tenacity. Thankfully we will not be hosting. Chillaxin' at the in-law's crib won't be so bad.

That said, we are hosting a Mid-Construction, Mid-Century Modern holiday party at Atomic Indy's world-wide headquarters (our pad), on 12/12/09, 6 p.m. If you're in town, you're invited. RSVP by Facebook. Or by email.

As an ode to tryptophan-induced laziness, we're re-posting an excerpt from last year's Turkey Day entry. Enjoy.

Originally posted 11/29/2008.

Dining Upon MCM Thankfulness

Thankful for so much beyond countertops.

And now boys 'n girls, gather 'round for story time.

Was to be a Thanksgiving of “firsts”. Firstly - was first time hosting Thanksgiving. First Thanksgiving in our first home. First time cooking a proper meal in our new kitchen. First overnight guests.

It all went down like this…

Tuesday night:

Cleaning space in preparation for countertop delivery. Suddenly hear name shouted from porch. Look up. See architect neighbor with best friend and bottle of wine. Give quick tour of progress. Later stolen away to his place where I’m greeted by 15 of his closest friends. This is the kind of neighborhood we’re creating – social young professionals living in architecturally relevant homes.

Thankful for impromptu neighborhood wine tours.

Wednesday night:

Rocked out solo until 5:30am installing countertops, cook top, sink/dishwasher plumbing, and general clean up. Wife rested in preparation for feast generation.

Thankful for Rabb & Howe for delivering on time though some measurement tweaking of island is still required. Will deal with on Monday.

Thursday morning:

Wife woke to perfectly clean and prepped kitchen with hand-written countertop sign greeting, “Happy Thanksgiving”. She was thankful for my stamina.

Thursday afternoon:

In-law crew arrived after not having seen house since loose install of cabinet frames. Impressed. Amazed. Floored. So much of their hard work resides in these walls. Thankful for them.

Later Thursday Afternoon:

Food served. Perfectly. Deliciously.

Thankful for her.

Friday morning:

Hit 5am Black Friday. Collected new power tools - very on-sale. Thankful for sales. Won’t ever do 5am Black Friday again. Thankful for that.

Friday afternoon:

Spent rest of day, post nap, MCM treasure hunting. Four Goodwill stores, Audrey’s Place thrift store and Midland Antiques.

Scored authentic Heywood Wakefield end table for $29 (that's a really good deal).

(click image to enlarge)

(click image to enlarge)

Found vintage MCM bullet lights – finally.

(click image to enlarge)

Thankful for treasures found.

Saturday afternoon:

Sneaked away for couple hours of work. Like, day-job work. Thankful for a great gig. Doing what you love beats working for a living.

Later Saturday afternoon:

Installed bullet lights on front porch.

(click image to enlarge)

(click image to enlarge)

While outside installing light, neighbor raking leaves was blasting Christmas jazz. Struck by feelings of confirmation; we chose a great neighborhood.

Thankful for neighbors.

Saturday evening:

Eagerly awaited dusk to photograph all three new lights working in tandem from outside in.

(click image to enlarge)

While outside, discovered surprise mail delivery on doorstep. Box on doorstep contained back issues of Atomic Ranch. Used them to stage Heywood Wakefield pics.

(click image to enlarge)

Thankful for inspiration of others work contained in AR's pages.

Saturday night:

Blogging. Here. Now. Thankful for readers. Thankful for, You.




Barbara said...

Where did you find the bullet lights?

Baz Mcm said...


The bullet lights were found at an Antique/Salvage place in Indy called Midland Antiques. It's massive.

Got lucky and spotted them under a pile of fabric. $18.00