Mid Century Modern Artists

Artists inspired by Mid Century Modern inspirations.

These are a few of our favorite things.

We're gaining renovation ground. This brings us closer to making art selections for near-finished walls. With this notion top-of-mind, we cast our attention on a few of our favorite contemporary artists playing in Mid Century Modern sandboxes. Grab a shovel and pail. Dig it.

Jenn Ski has long been on our radar. She lives in a sweet Mid Century Modern home, which brings a level of authenticity to her work. Her use of color and atomic amoebas beckon and entice. We're hooked.

Below are several of our favorite pieces. For more, check out her site.


David Paul Seymour is a graphic design animal of epic proportions. He claws his way to the surface with Mid Century Modern inspired pieces that echo the whimsical work of Jim Flora while revealing the sensibility of truly modern design techniques. He's kind of a rock star.

And he sent me a birthday card, so double points.

Check out some work samples below. For more, hit his site.


Jim Ward Morris fires on all cylinders for us. Simply put, his work can hang on our Mid Century Modern walls any day. His eye for aesthetic integrity culminates in a balance of photography and graphic design layered eloquently with just the right patina of vintage.

Pieces we drool for below. Craving more? Check out his site.





MoonDoggie said...

Have loved Jenn Ski for a while but the others are new to me.
Fantastic stuff!

the post girl in dc said...

There's also some mid-mod from

Stephanie Levy
Of course, the ineffable Matte Stephens
Dee Adams has some fab mid-mod birds-
And Kerry Beary

TheAtomicHouse said...

OMG! You can't forget El Gato Gomez!