Mid Century Modern Renovation Progress

Diligence rediscovered through renovation resurgence.

You may remember that we're renovating our Mid Century Modern home in Indianapolis. Or more likely you've forgotten. Understood. Lulled into complacent leisure, masked in the dubious form of day jobs, vacations, birthdays, anniversaries, Atomic Crash Parties, and blog posts. Life. Nonsense.

Carry us forward to October. Some serious stuff got done.

Think back to epic San Francisco Mid Century Modern Furniture Shop Guide. Recall a certain Louis Poulsen PH 3/4 hanging in a Bay Area shop. Light now floats delicately above our make-shift dining table.

Project 1 complete. Booya.

Testing a theory on a yet-to-be-painted wall. Sketched some shapes. Painted shapes. Contemplating a permanent use for this concept. Digging the notion.

Project 2 down. Check.

Within days of becoming home owners we proceeded to remove walls with tenacious vigor and eager optimism. A year later, remnants of removed walls remained. Exposed studs and precarious wires abounded. Mocking monuments to our early energy.

We will not be mocked. Drywall hanging finally ensued.

Project 3 under wraps. Just the way we like it.

Summer originally held intentions of vinyl siding removal. Didn't happen. Desire to see original vertical wood siding re-adorning our Mid Century Modern crib remains. Until spring.

However, long-awaited gutters were hung on north side of our abode. Months of impromptu blue tarp run-off device have come to an end. Certain our neighbors will miss said tarp.

Really can't wait to get this vinyl off. Showing restraint in expressing true sentiment to this plastic-like material. And the color is a vague shade of suck.

Project 4 ready for winter's worst rain. Bring it.

Break was taken from Atomic Indy abode to help our new hipster Mid Century Modern renovation neighbors with a little Sputnik pendant install. What's not to love about this star burst?

(not our house)

Project 5 lit-up like a sky on 4th of July. Boomtastic.

Finally rounding out our pocket door/coat closet install. Went a little something like this:

Blasted a hole in a wall (as I tend to do).

Hung a pocket door in a frame.

Framed new closet floor. Ran electrical for vintage double cone sconce.

Craftily angled cut to allow for wire feed. Self-patting back for self-proclaimed ingenuity. Thank you.

Stealthily covered over electrical with a new closet floor.

Hung drywall.

Mudded drywall.

Project 6 near completion. Requires door frame finishing, sanding and painting.

Getting. Closer. Indeed.




Chris Magee said...

Looking great Baz. If you you want to get rid of gutters altogether, check out this cool product: http://www.rainhandler.com/shop/index.php perfect for the MCM abode.

Natalie said...

Ohhhh! I am liking the sputnik light a lot. Where did you find it? And we are going to putting in a pocket door, too. Did you do it yourself? I am too nervous to try something like that myself.

Are those your original kitchen cabinets? I ask, because ours our original and wood. I have been thinking about painting them, but then I think about restaining them. There are some pictures on our blog from a few months back.

Congrats on getting a lot done. It's a great feeling!

Capree said...

Yowza! You got a ton done and you even found time to help your neighbors! Why aren't there people like you in my neighborhood? :) That Poulsen light is looking mighty fine, by the way. Can't wait to see more - keep it up!

CogswellRetro said...

I love the rectangles on the wall.

Haley said...

You have been busy. Now I feel like a lazy slug!

John and Diane said...

Pocket door area looks terrific, good work! And I had to laugh about your description of the color of your siding. I hate the color of our siding too. I lovingly refer to it as Honky Flesh color. We had one wall to repaint after the remodel(outside wall that was basically taken out when they replaced the big sliding glass doors) and we just painted it with some of the new taupe color and I like it so much better. Looks good with the green concrete of the patio floor. Some day we'll get around to repainting the whole house but I guess that's low priority at this point.
To Natalie- I have a different sputnik light I got from lamparts on ebay. He makes different styles. Great guy to deal with, highly recommend.

Anonymous said...

Great progress - you have such a huge project on your hands! Seeing how things are coming along makes me yearn for a mid-century place to call my own...

Love, love the painted shapes on the wall. Think that would be awesome to incorporate in your designs.

Baz Mcm said...

Ultimate slacker, Baz checking-in for comment responding.

Chris; Totally dig the notion of those non-gutters. Have you used them? Personal review, please.

Natalie; The Sputnik is actually our neighbor's. Just helped with the install. They procured at Z Gallerie. They can constantly be found on Ebay as well.

Pocket door wasn't too bad. Most big box home stores have a pocket door frame kit.

The cabinets shown are our neighbor's. Would love to see pics of your cabinets before offering my opinion on an approach. Will check Chadwell Chronicles for pics.

Capree; Thanks for the comment love. We're totally digging the Poulsen as well. Wish you were our neighbor.

LH; Thanks. Was a crazy notion I busted out way-to-early on a Saturday morning. Now need to bring it to life in a permanent place.

Haley; No worries. We spent the better part of the summer slug'n.

John & Diane; You both rock. You had me laughing again about the vague shade of suck description. Some of my finest writing.

Your project fascinates me. Keep it coming.

Borrowed Abode; Painted shapes will come to life. Now we need to find you your own Mid Century Modern...


Cheers to you all. Thanks for all the great comments and for sharing this journey with us.


oldhouseweb said...

Hey Baz,

Re: Vague shade of suck...I've seen that color before but never knew what it was called. I'll be sure to steer clear of it at Home Depot. Love your design aesthetic. I'll be back to watch your remodel progress.


Lucy at The Old House Web

Jess Snell said...

I had good luck finding my sputnik chandelier on eBay as well, can't remember the seller, but I got a great deal. My dining room is still thanking me for banishing the awful neo-victorian fan/light combo that had been lurking there when I bought the house.

sue.melnyk@gmail.com said...

Hey there! We just bought our first house (a mid century modern ranch in the pacific northwest) and there are rain chains on the house currently. Though some of them work great, we have one corner that seems to get more direct rain (due to the rest of the house being well covered by treest).

I was wondering how you're gutters worked out and whereabouts your downspouts were places? Thanks!