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Have Jet Pass will travel.

Caught wind of the JetModern project several weeks back. Now finally circling 'round to share with you. Still time to catch-up and tune in for the finale.

National Trust for Historic Preservation's Seth Tinkham has been blogging and Tweeting his way across the country to survey the state of America's modernist structures. Hipster airline Jet Blue is facilitating travel with their All-You-Can-Jet Pass.

He's hitting iconic modernist landmarks like Space Needle and Glass House and sharing his thoughts at each stop. Engaging dialouge shares a point of view.

Seth's itinerary (September 16 - October 2):

• New York City, N.Y.

• Boston, Mass.

• Portland, Maine

• Chicago, Ill.

• Houston, Tex.

• Salt Lake City, Utah

• Seattle, Wash.

• San Francisco, Calif.

• Las Vegas, Nev.

• Los Angeles, Calif.

How to tune-in:

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Recommend starting here for the set-up. Then here to see Seth's first blog entry. From there you can hang out here and work backwards before catching the culmination.

Now on to other matters requiring attention. Proverbial elephant in the room. Has been brought to my attention our renovation progress has slowed. Month of September is time-swamping busy. Beyond that, unable to argue. Will get back on that wagon. Giddy-up.



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