Atomic Indy turns 1 today

Happy anniversary to Atomic Indy. Thanks to you.

One year ago today we began documenting the search for and renovation of our Mid Century Modern home in Indianapolis. Never a dull moment.

We appreciate all the time you've spent with us. Reading. Commenting. Crash Partying. Inspiring. Sharing. We look forward to greater things on the horizon. With you.

Below we've re-posted the first ever Atomic Indy blog post. This serves to remind us, and you of the roads we've traveled. Enjoy.

Originally posted 9/7/08:

A place from which to start

House, home, abode, art...

It's time to buy our first house. We know we don't want to rent anymore. We know the vinyl villages that corrode the American landscape will not do.
We know we refuse to pay $350k for a 900 sqft condo (nor could we afford to). We clearly know what we don't want.

What can Indianapolis offer a young couple with an affinity for modern design - at an entry-level price?

While wandering through every part of Indianapolis, we became increasingly aware of the numerous mid-century modern homes that pop-up in little pockets all over town. We were struck by the lines.
We were struck by the unique use of natural material. We were struck by a thought. We were inspired.

And so the quest began: Find a mid-century modern home at an entry-level price.

This blog aspires to be a self-portrait - a journal detailing the search for, and impending renovation of a mid-century modern home in Indianapolis. This will be a proof of existence. An outlet for sleepless nights. A resource to those who follow. We do hope others follow.




Vintage Roadside said...

Happy Birthday Baz! Thanks for bringing us all along on the ride!

Here's to many more.

modernesia said...

Congratulations and happy birthday! Great blog!!

nyycarl07 said...

Congrats on the first year. It's been fun following the renovation. Blog on!

Kersten said...

Happy Anniversary!
You've come a long way, baby!

And, hey, are you aware of:


John and Diane said...

You've done a helluva lot in the last year - on your own house, organizing Atomic Crash parties, bringing together like-minded folks in all sorts of ways. You've definitely been an inspiration on all fronts. Thanks!!

Ms. B @ Millie Deel said...

Congrats on the milestone! I look forward to many posts to come!!

Tristan said...

Congrats! Looking forward to what's to come.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I've enjoyed reading this blog as I have developed an obsession with all things MCM.

Please stop by my blog (if you'd like) - I've just posted a design dilemma for shelving in my living room. Would love your opinion. Thanks!