Mid Century Modern Real Estate Round-ups

How to find Mid Century Modern homes for sale - nationwide.

There are plenty of real estate websites out there. None of which have a "Mid Century Modern" filter. This became evident during our home search nearly a year ago. Combine lack of searchability with the fact that very few Realtors get what Mid Century Modern even is, and you're basically left to dig for the veritable needle. Alone.

Atomic Indy is all about community. We believe it takes a village. Thus, we've got a plan to collect all the needles in the haystack and bring them to one communal pin cushion.

atomicindyrealestate.blogspot.com is the current place-holder for this plan. Our diligence supported by your patience will help this become the source for Mid Century Modern Real Estate across the country. Currently set in blog format, we will soon be evolving to a more user friendly and polished interface.

First Mid Century Modern Real Estate Round-up features six homes in Indianapolis. Click here to check out the drool-inspiring properties for every price point.

Currently in the process of adding listings from Portland and Chicago. Email us if you know of any rock'n Mid Century Modern homes for sale in your area. Together we'll help ensure "friends of the family" get these homes.




lal:tree said...

Though not concentrating on mid-century necessarily, the website Triangle Modernist Homes (http://trianglemodernisthomes.com) is a wonderful and well-maintained source of info on modernist homes for sale in the Triangle region of North Carolina. Fun to browse the listings even if you're not buying.

Alison said...

This is so cool that you're doing this. I bet it will be a great success.

J said...

Baz -

I've started posting available mod homes in the Birmingham, AL area on my blog MagicCityModern. Love your blog. You're an inspiration to me.

Chris Magee said...

Baz, the local Cincinnati Modern Real Estate can be found here:

Currently Woodie Garbers's personal house, a MCM masterpiece, is for sale. Woodie is a local famous MCM architect having designed our great MCM downtown public library. Here's the house mls: http://www.huff.com/sites/transform.php?agent=Susan.Rissover&template=newgeneral&PageID=131

Zane D. said...

my friend Uncle Jack can probably point towards the MCM listings here in Las Vegas. Specifically check out the Paradise Palms neighborhood, designed by the famed Palmer & Krisel firm of Palm Springs fame.

Zane D. said...

forgot the link: www.veryvintagevegas.com

*************************** said...

When searching for mid-century modern in Chicago and suburbs, be sure to check out my site:

Thanks, Joe Kunkel

Erin said...

I am looking for a Mid-century modern home near Dayton, Ohio or North Cincinnati, Ohio. Specifically Centerville, Springboro, Kettering area. If anyone knows any properties for sale, let me know. 513-490-1014

Mid Century Guy said...

I just bought a mid century house on the main line near Philadelphia. It needs a complete rehab, but I 'll post pics later. Great Blog!