Mid Century Modern on YouTube

MCM passions captured in video motion.

Recently went digging through YouTube in search of Mid Century Modern related videos. What follows is equivalent to a highlight reel.

This video makes clear Herman Miller's stance on knock-offs.

Though robbed of its soundtrack, this film depicts giddiness-inducing imagery. Recommend you put on your favorite tunes and roll with it.

What appears to be a collegiate project melds informative dialogue with tasty designs.

Brief glimpse of Case Study #22.

Eames lounge chair intro. Part 1 of 2.

Eames lounge chair intro. Part 2 of 2.

Can't help but notice period-common sexism in above Eames lounger commentary. Always like to remind people of who is driving the motorbike in this iconic photo.

Enough said.




Capree said...

Love all these videos - but that Eames interview is just amazing on so many levels. Wow.

TomB said...

Baz, do you know if there are large prints of the charles/ray/motorcycle photo available anywhere?
you can message me on Facebook, if you want...