Mid Century Modern Furniture Score

Guest room gets Sculptra make over.

We are Craig's List scourers. Those who tune in to Atomic Indy on Facebook & Twitter benefit from shared links to items found but not procured. Our pass is your gain. This sharing of links is quickly becoming mutual in our growing community.

Case in point:

Got an email from friend, Paul (host of Atomic Crash Party #2) notifying us of a C's List listing from Muncie, IN. Listing had no images. Undeterred, images were requested. Returned was a collection of pictures containing a great looking set of Broyhill's Sculptra line. And cats. Lots of cats. I'm allergic to cats.

Soon after collecting my inhaler, we were Muncie bound. Arrived to discover furniture residing with cats. Lots of cats. Managed through a cat herding exercise, bringing new found appreciation for; "it was like herding cats". I'm really allergic to cats. For real.

Once cat clutter cleared and breathing resumed, we discovered Mid Century Modern furniture in mint condition. Mint as in minty-mint. So minty, several pieces still donned original sales tags. Now that's minty sweet.

By this point my eyes were itching red and hives were fighting through. I'm allergic to cats. A lot.

Scored Inventory:

Chest o' drawers.

Six drawer dresser.

Full bed frame. Also note matching mirror cheating into right side of frame.

Two night stands.

Original manufacturer and retailer tags.

We proceeded to clean and oil newest additions to our MCM family. Guest room was promptly staged.

Note: room still needs baseboards and paint. Battle of pee-yellow paint continues to plague.

Staging allows us to share two vintage clocks procured on Salvation Army scouting missions. Both work perfectly.

Panasonic clock radio.

GE flip clock.

While we're sharing new treasures, check this super sweet Heifetz Rotaflex swag lamp procured from Meridian Vintage.

In an effort to add more architectural interest to lines created by swagged cord, we added a plumb-bob to the equation.

A little info on Broyhill:

In the 60's Broyhill was making quality modern furniture inspired by the Danish furniture rock stars. They had three high-end modern lines. Sculptra, Saga and Brasilia. Most popular of which was Brasilia.

Our friends over at Modern Capital have a great post revealing inspirations for the Brasilia line's unique styling. See here.

If you're trying to complete a Brasilia collection you must contact the folks at Brasilia Connection. They take their Brasilia seriously.

Very little info is available on Broyhill's Sculptra line. If you know more, share it.

I'm allergic to cats.




RetroRuth said...

Oh my god, I am dy-ing of jealousy! Seriously! I may need resuscitation in a moment.... I think they call this a "perfect score" :)

Mary-Frances said...

I am so HUGELY jealous. We went to a Mid-Century auction and all the furniture was gone in the first half hour (really reasonable tho). Yay for you!

Holly said...

Wow, so strange. That is the exact set that I had to sell when I moved into my house!
With all of the built-ins I could no longer fit any extra pieces. I found my set (sans bed) at a garage sale at 62nd and Michigan road, 1997.
Man, the things you get rid of over the years!

zdp said...

Nice! You know, you guys have practically ruined craigslist for me b/c I know if there's anything good ever posted, you'll find it first!

Alison said...

Lovely! It's so nice that set got such a good home....it's like a humane shelter adoption story or something.

I'm a little misty over here...

undercover caterer said...


modernemama said...

Woah! Love the bedspread too

Tikimama said...

Instant awesome room. Can I come to stay for a while? Promise I won't bring my cats.

Sara Hammontree said...

My ears and eyes were itching just reading about the cats, but I would have braved them for that set too.

Maybe you can share - do you have any tips or keywords that you use to browse Craigslist for furniture? Living smack between NYC and Philly, I'm a little overwhelmed by how many different Craigslists there are for this area - and how much utterly crap furniture is on there.

MarisaPDX said...

Serious score...I am drooling over the pics. I have tried the C list but we have a huge amount of MCM addicts in PDX that are faster than I am apparently. Will keep working on my skills, looks worth a score like this!

the post girl in dc said...

@Sara Hammontree - I'm not sure what keywords they use, but I've become accustomed to searching for mid-century, mid century, danish, eames, heywood, bertoia, (and whatever other designers you dig). I just scored a Heywood-Wakefield monster buffet for $300 today. It can be done, but requires patience and e-mailing the owners asap.

Baz Mcm said...

RetroRuth, Sharkeysday, Holly, Zach, Alison, Undercover Caterer, ModMama, TikiMama, Marissa, Sara, and the Post.

You all rock. Rock for taking the time to share your thoughts & comments with us. We read them all. Usually multiple times. It's the validation for the hours spent writing.

Big-ups to you all.



Baz Mcm said...

Sara Hammontree;

We can't give away all the secrets but here are a few tips.

1. Put yourself in the mind of someone who doesn't know what they're selling.

Example: What would you call "Mid Century Modern" if you didn't know the term existed? Taking this approach is where you'll find the deals.

Logic: If someone knows to call an item "Mid Century Modern" then they've likely researched its value and intend to get close to what it's worth. While the guy selling "old plastic or fiberglass chairs" likely has no idea what he's got.

This does require a lot more time and patience. I know dealers who do routine searches every three hours. That's who we're competing against.

Here's a great discussion over at Apartment Therapy
Some great tips.

Cheers and good luck. Share any found treasures with us.


Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff. The Husband scours C-list as well, but for old woodworking machines. His MCM searches are not quite as extensive, but he's looking some. Tara UB (can't remember my damn Google account login)

Carolyn said...

What a wonderful CL adventure- minus the cats of course! The bed frame w/ side rails is divine and it's such a great complete set! We got a Brasilia bedroom set- triple dress, chest of drawers, armoir and headboard and I am DYING for the matching nightstands but won't pay brasiliaconnection's insane prices.

carolstreet said...

Delicious find!

Jenn Ski said...

I bought the same bedspread from target but the moment I washed it the red dye bled all over the place so I returned. I was so sad...

Jacqui and Craig said...

Damn... I've been needing/wanting/lusting after that highboy ever since we found our set...on CL, of course. The hunt continues...

Sara Hammontree said...

Thanks for the CL tips.

Sarah@Furniture said...

Nice room.

Karrey said...

We got ours at a garage sale for pretty cheap, picking up the headboard, tall dresser (not the highboy, though), and bureau with mirror. We also just found a Sculptra credenza at our local vintage junk shop that we're going to use as a tv stand in the living room. Hooray, midcentury furniture!

Anonymous said...

We just purchased two pieces of Sculptra from an estate sale. Guess what was in one of the drawers? The Sculptra brochure! If you need/want a copy please let me know. Looks just like the Brasillia brochure on the website you mentioned.

chris in Arizona said...

We have that same set also! I bought it from a friend of the family who had it in a guestroom that wasnever used.. with the very nice mattress and boxspring he let me have the entire thing for $500.. now that was about 10 years ago, but we are still using ours today. I

beaker said...


chris in Arizona said...

I have this entire bedroom set in Arizona. if anyone is interested, I would be willing to part with it.

Anonymous said...

Please contact me with your contact information (AZ Sculptra bedroom set)!



Anonymous said...

My husband and I inherited a 7pc Sculptra bedroom set in very good (not minty) condition. We love it and are very curious about it's value. Are there any sites giving estimated appraisals for this design?

Rhan Vintage said...

Love love love Broyhill Sculptra! What a find! Wow.

Anonymous said...

I just bought two beautiful pieces of Sculptra (not mint but nice!) at the local Salvation Army, after watching them for weeks! Don't hate me!? (I have alot of re-arranging to make them fit, so I was hesitant-) One is the 66" long 9 drawer dresser with the folding doors over the center three, with the matching mirror, and the other I think is called a highboy? It is fairly tall with 3 wide drawers on the bottom, and 3 compartments on the top with the folding doors...both pieces also have thick plate glass in perfect shape to protect the tops too!? You don't even want to know what I paid... originally they had the headboard too, but it was broken & left outside...what a shame!

Anonymous said...

I just purchased a sculptra buffet/side table this weekend at an estate sale. I bought a beautiful mcm walnut table and 6 chairs too, but they don't have any markings on them. I got all of it for $350 and am so excited to have a completed dining room!