Atomic Crash Party #2 Recap

Mid Century Modern hipsters descended.

Image courtesy of Tristan.

Early rain led to a slower start than ACP#1. But by mid afternoon, sun was shining and crash partiers were coming out of mahogany paneled woodwork. Estimated 50 people attended.

Let's begin with goodies brought by original architect, Mr. Jack Pecsok.

Circa 1952.

Original blue prints.

Now progressing to virtual tour for those not in attendance.

For extra fun we've created a little game called "name that chair". Good folks at Vintage Roadside to give winner a T-shirt of choice. Details at end of post.

View from road.

Approach from driveway.

Image courtesy of Jessica.

Greeted at front door.

Name those chairs #1

Wood paneling dances with slate floors and limestone walls.

View through mobile to conversation pit.

Prints on wall are Jim Flora.

One of two working Ericophones in this abode.

Living room chair porn.


Name that chair #2

Taken from depths of the conversation pit.

Name that chair #3

My fav pic of the day.

Name that chair #4

Hall from living room to dining.

Name that chair #5 (under window)

Dining room.

Name those chairs #6 (name all three - end chair, side chairs, corner chair)

Hint on side chairs.

Nelson Star-burst Clock graces kitchen fireplace.

Breakfast table in kitchen.

Name those chairs #7

Slatted privacy wall blocks view to living space from front hall.

Large purpose-built guest bedroom has retractable divider to become two rooms.

Name that chair #8

Another purpose-built room with built-in bunk beds. Note bullet sconces for reading.

Door to master bedroom. Owners play "what do you see in the wood grain?". I see a sly fox.

Master bedroom with Inhabit Wall Slats and Nelson Bubble Cigar sconces.

Ugly Dolls chillax'n.

Name that chair #9

Me chillax'n Ugly Dolls style prior to guest arrival. Doing my best Don Draper.

First guests arrive in style. 1959 Lincoln style that is.

Image courtesy of Jessica.

As guests arrived, Mid Century Modern fun and dialogue began. Great connections forming.

Indulge in voyeuristic tour of mingling action.

Two lovely ladies.

Name those chairs #10

Anticipated moment unfurled. Former partners/ACP 1 & 2 architects reunited.

Left: Jack Pecsok • Right: J. Parke Randall.

New best friends.

Left: Terryl • Center: Thomas • Right: Heywood Wakefield.

Conversation pit doing what it was built to do. Converse.

Inevitably kitchen always becomes party central. This home was built for such inevitabilities.

For more ACP#2 photo fun check out our Channeling Shulman Flickr set.

Name That Chair - How to Play:

(update 8/26/09 - Winner is Chris Magee, author of one of our fav blogs, Cincinnati Modernation)

Challenge your Mid Century Modern chair knowledge by posting a comment with:

1. full names of chair(s) and their designer(s), numbered according to each "name that chair" pic.

2. Name of, and link to your Favorite T-Shirt from Vintage Roadside. Also include desired size.

Your entry may look like:


• #10 "chair name" "designer name"

• Shirt: "shirt name" "link" "size"

First to name all - wins. Don't know them all? Still play. If no one names all - closest wins.

Atomic Crash Party #3:

Slated for September 19th, 2009 1p-5p. Mark up those calendars.

Several other cities are currently in the works. Atomic Crash Partying may soon crash a city near you. Stand by.




Jess Snell said...

Looks like a fabulous time was had by all! Once my life slows down a bit, I need to make it down to Indy for one of these shindigs.

John and Diane said...

Thanks for all the pictures, I love looking at all the details. The furnishings are awesome but I also just loved seeing the shot of the kitchen - those are really beautiful cabinets! And - looks like I never commented on your craigslist score but I meant to - great bedroom set!

Chris Magee said...

#1 Eero Saarinen Tulip Armchair
#2 Eames RAR Fiberglass armshell rocker
#3 Eames Lounge Chair and ottoman
#4 Eames molded plywood LCW
#5 Eames Fiberglass side chair
#6 Eames DCM, Eames fiberglass side chair with Eiffel base, Eames Fiberglass armshell
#7 Heywood Wakefield Champagne dining chairs
#8 Bertoia side chair
#9 Butterfly Chair (BFK chair) by Jorge Hardey
#10 Bertoia Diamond chairs

Vintage Roadside t-shirt, https://www3074.ssldomain.com/vintageroadside/ProductDetail.aspx?ID=51&Cat=54 in size medium


Terryl said...

Oh wonderful! The pictures look awesome. That house is so amazing. I'm so excited for the next party!

Carl said...

Chair 1
Tulip 150
Eero Saarinen

Chair 2
RAR (Rocking Arm Rod) Charles/Ray Eames

Chair 3
Model 670 /Model 671 Lounge/ottoman
Charles/Ray Eames

Chair 4
Lounge Chair Wood (LCW) Charles/Ray Eames

Chair 5 (image was a bit dim)
Robin Day

Chairs 6
chair at head of table - DCM Charles/Ray Eames

side chairs - "eiffel" Charles/Ray Eames

corner chair - Shell
Charles/Ray Eames

Chair 7

M151A chair
Heywood Wakefield

noted Franciscan Starburst China on dining table-nice!

Chair 8
Harry Bertoia

Chair 9
Butterfly (198)
Jorge Harday/Antonia Bonet

Chair 10
Diamond (421LU)
Harry Bertoia

T Shirt (Tower Bowl)


nurserl said...

I think both previous comments call #4 a LCW, I believe it may be a DCW because of the length of the legs.

A Year at the River said...

I can't say for certain if it's a DCW or an LCW (very hard to tell unless they are together) but I will say I am seriously in love with that red aniline dyed Eames chair. Yum.

modbetty said...

Chair 1
Koenig & Helena

Chair 2

Chair 3

Chair 4

Chair 5 (image was a bit dim)

Chairs 6

Chair 7

Chair 8

Chair 9

Chair 10


Lovely house and swell party! I always take my photos sans people but I must say it's a thrill to see everyone actually interacting with and enjoying the lovely decor.

Baz Mcm said...

And the winner is...

Chris Magee!

Although neither Chris or Carl got 100%.

#5 aside, which was admittedly hard to see, you both had #4 as LCW but it's actually DCW.

Although I do need to take a moment to point out that Carl's detail was impressive, even calling out the star-burst china on the Heywood Wakefield set. Well done.

And, Modbetty came in a very close 3rd for creativity.

Thanks for playing, guys.



Baz Mcm said...


You caught the error in the previous lists. Had you completed the lis tin full you'd be on your way to wearing a rock'n new t-shirt from Vintage Roadside

Good eye.


Alison said...

Looks like an awesome time! Sigh, I've always wanted a conversation pit...

Nurserl said...

Hey, I have just seen the results. Wouldn't have wanted to piggyback on the other correct answers. (I think I have a hand-me-down DCW. It's unmarked, so I've studied!)
I really enjoy your blog.