Mid Century Modern Cabinet Pulls

Built-in linen closet finds missing piece - Swanky Hardware.

Our Mid Century Modern abode features a built-in linen closet adjacent to two bathrooms. What follows is the refinishing process.

Process began with offensive hardware removal, screw hole filling, and light sanding across entire surface.

Layered years of lathered-on paint are becoming quite familiar to us. Like counting rings on a tree, now able to discern which generation of owner affected various parts of our home.

Close-up review of offensive hardware in question.

Offensive hardware demanded relentless sleuthing for replacement options. Relentless sleuthing culminated in a Rejuvenation revelation.

Rejuvenation is vital to any renovators' arsenal. They specialize in authentic reproductions of antique hardware and lighting. Dive deep into their Mid Century offerings here. They also carry an array of vintage architectural salvage with a constantly rotating inventory. If in Portland or Seattle, you benefit from retail locations to roam through.

Product we selected for our project is, "square + star backplate". Though any combination is possible.

Funny story here. Small MCM worlds colliding all around. Atomic Indy reader and friend, Gregory recounts the following story upon encountering images of our new pulls.

"I take some undeserved credit for this Rejuvenation issue. I have the originals in my bathrooms, and the Rejuv guys saw pics, asking if they could copy them. I said sure (I didn't design them, so---!). They are hot. The contact was made through an Ebay hardware seller. He showed them my hardware, they went crazy over it! The rounded protruding knob is the design I use though."

Click here to see original hardware that inspired it all.

Prepare yourself for MCM envy and check out Gregory's sweet LA pad here (first 26 pics. Keep going to see other people's fab MCMness).


Let's explore a method for ensuring cabinet pulls align well.

Identify ideal pull location. Mark center with pencil.

Using combination square, mark your horizontal depth on each door.

Followed by vertical depth (I simplify by using two squares, one calibrated for each depth).

"X" marks the spot. Three "X"'s means something totally different.

Once cross hairs are marked, drill appropriate size holes. Attach hardware.

Unable to conform, we chose to paint asymmetrically.

Keeping with "subtle surprises of orange" theme.

Covet the Rejuvenation pulls.

Stand by for rare two-post week on Atomic Indy. Good folks at Rejuvenation will be giving away bountiful treasure to you. Get your "I want to win!" hat on. More to follow.



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Anonymous said...

We had the same "offending" hardware in our 1952 house.

Lesley said...

Looks great! I can't wait until we are in the "putting back together phase". I'm in stripping paint hell phase. Apparently, I'm there for a long time. hee hee

Love the orange peek!

Alison said...

Again, love the orange so much! Also, so cool to hear the story about how the hardware came to be.

LesleySW said...

nice! I love when adding new hardware makes such a difference. And...I really love the paint job, especially the orange.

I'll probably included your post in my Sunday roundup at www.TheDesignFile.net.


modernemama said...

Awesome design job and flawless execution. Congrats

Unknown said...

I didn't vote for the orange originally, but I really like how you are making it work throughout the house without overdoing it. I love the idea of hiding a bright color like that in unsuspected and normally hidden places. Great job!

Baz Mcm said...

Anonymous; What did you replace with?

Lesley; Believe it or not the putting back is the hard part. Demolition cuts like butter.

Alison; Thanks for orange vote of confidence. RE: the story, was even corroborated by the Rejuvenation folks. Small world.

LesleySW; Thanks. Sometimes lipstick and rouge does the trick.

Modernmamma; Too kind. Now I'm blushing.

David; Long time reader calling back to the "vote". Thanks for sticking with us. Happy to hear you like how it's playing out.



Baz Mcm said...

Collected comments from Facebook:

Maryanna said:
"This is just too perfect for words. In other news, "Rejuvenation Revelation" would make a great name for a record album. :D"

Donna said:
"Rejuvenation offers exceptionally good customer service as well - I ordered those same diamond backplates with a round pull for a sideboard, but they looked too cluttered, so I sent them back and got the plain square pull instead. Rejuvenation made it so easy AND they are an excellent employer, offering all kinds of wonderful incentives to their employees for biking to work, buying a home, etc. Rock on, Rejuvenation!"

Tom said:
"I think all us mid-century folk need to band together and BEG and PLEAD with rejuvenation and/or crestview door for SOMEBODY to remanufature good, period exterior doorknob escutcheons. Especially starburst style ones..."

Nicole said to Tom & Donna:
"Hi Tom- I work at Rejuv and will be sure to pass along your feedback to our designers- we are often most inspired by our customers. If you could send me an email with the specifics of what you had in mind, it will be easy for me to forward along to the right people. Reach me here- presscontact@rejuvenation.com

Donna- thanks so much for the kind words. I've shared your post with our sales teams to help brighten their day."

John and Diane said...

Love the asymmetric painting of the cabinets and really love the hidden orange. Terrific hardware too.