Mid Century Modern Indianapolis Home Tour

Mid Century Modern tour recap gives way to big announcement.

Quick housekeeping prior to Mid Century Modern indulgence. Finally got around to installing custom URL. Now it's just plain old “www.atomicindy.com”. Dropped the “.blogspot.com”. We're moving up in the world. Please update bookmarks and RSS readers.

Let’s begin.

Evening prior to tour was a treat. Received invite to pre tour kick-off reception hosted at Frank Lloyd Wright’s SAMARA house in West Lafayette. Drool worthy images seen here. SAMARA is one of few Frank Lloyd Wright homes completely intact, from furnishings to tableware. Home still functions as a private residence. Amazing.

West Lafayette Mid Century Modern home tour was a blast. Strong turnout. Good to see people interested in, and learning about Mid Century Modern architecture. Met virtual friends in person. Shook hands. Got inspired. All pictures procured upon tour can be viewed at Atomic Indy Flickr page. Hat tipped to Historic Landmarks Foundation for their effort in planning such events. Feel free to donate to help support their preservation activities.

Tour excitement creates appropriate momentum to announce long cultivated idea. Introducing the Atomic Crash Party.

Logo design by Chris Bowyer.

Crash Party notion birthed from realization that each encounter with Mid Century Modern enthusiasts results in near identical conversation, which culminates with:

“Sure would be nice to see more homes and get to know everyone. Wish we could all get together from time to time.”

Atomic Crash Party will be a one-home-per-month gathering/tour type event. Goal is to build like-minded community in a casual atmosphere with light refreshments and socializing. All this while experiencing the great Mid Century Modern homes in Indianapolis. Allows less-structured tour environment in which one can experience how a home is lived in.

Details in progress but thus far entail:

Non-enforced $5.00 donation recommended per person. Each $5.00 collected to be allocated as follows:

• $2 to homeowner: supplements refreshment and prep cost.

• $2 to Historic Landmarks Foundation: Offers support to help preservation efforts of Mid Century Modern Architecture throughout Indiana.

• $1 to Atomic Indy: Small token to cover planning/management time.

Aiming for third Saturday of every month with kick-off starting July, 18 2009. Suggested time slot 1pm – 5pm

Prior to investing time, effort and money, must first gauge interest. Are we all just talk or are we actionable? Several homeowners have expressed interest in hosting. Would like more.

Taking a poll. See top right of this post to submit your opinions (update: poll now closed). Choices as follows.

• “Fantastic Idea. I’m There.”

• “Jealous I’m not local. Go for it!”

• “Will never happen. Don’t waste your time.”

• “I’d even be open to hosting at my pad. Bring it.”

Let us know if this is something you’d be into. Opportunity to build strong community resides in the click of your mouse. Click mouse, click. If you have additional suggestions or would like to host please post comment.

Final heads-up; Summer issue of Atomic Ranch features article on Avriel Shull and her wonderful tract known as Thornurst Addition. Piece written by preservation hero and Atomic Indy friend, Connie Zeigler. Immediate subscriptions to Atomic Ranch are in order.




Joe S said...


Unknown said...

Count me IN! Love the idea of donating to Historic Preservation!

Unknown said...

I'm IN! Great idea to contribute to Historic Preservation, too! Cheers!

intheswim said...

• “Jealous I’m not local. Go for it!”

John and Diane said...

I definitely wish we could join in the fun. Maybe I'll plan a future Cinci-Indy- visit to the relatives trip around one of your open houses or else the midcentury show in Cinci. And yes, yes, come for a visit! We are still both jealous of your fabulous silver floor registers. We have some weird ones that are painted white (not like the plain one in the hearth picture, but different) that we will try stripping and painting silver, it's a terrific look and will make ours look a lot better I think. Thanks for the great idea!

Anonymous said...

“Fantastic Idea. I’m There.”

Wil Marquez

Kersten said...

WOW. The SAMARA house is unbelievable. How did it stay so perserved? Is that you and your lovely lovey pictured with the owner by chance?
I noticed all the pebbles under the pagoda and I'm curious if you learned any significance of that?
I am shaking my head in amazement!

I'm guessing that 8 hours away is too far to host an Atomic Crash party, eh? Oh, how I wish I could be in on this! Sounds absolutely fantastic. You inspire me to do more around here.
Thanks again for all of this work! Your time into this blog is much appreciated!

Nikki Sutton said...

Count me in! Christian too!

Tikimama said...

I voted "Jealous I'm not local. Go for it!"

As soon as we get something like this going in So Cal, I'll let you know!

Fantastic idea, and I love your website!

Holly Puckett said...

i'm in. would have to work on convincing my husband to host, but maybe

Zane D. said...

We are doing the monthly party thing here in Las Vegas, called the Flamingo club. The host puts a plastic pink flamingo in the yard so the homes are easily identified.

check out www.veryvintagevegas. Uncle Jack usually posts pictures from the monthly events.

the motto of the group is "building community one cocktail at a time"

Courtney said...

We're in for sure. And we'll host at Thornhurst!

Unknown said...

Love this idea! May have a house that could serve as a meeting point as well!

Unknown said...

Love this idea! May have a home that could host the event one month as well!