Mid Century Modern Furniture Source Found

Housewarming gift for us becomes housewarming gift for you.

Good folks at allmodern.com offered housewarming gift to warm Atomic Indy abode. Flattered, we searched. Became highly impressed with each progressive click. They carry officially licensed products from Knoll, Herman Miller, Kartell, Vitra and more. Deep selection offered at fair prices. Upon realizing we’d lost an hour drooling on their site, we accepted housewarming offer – with a twist.

Why should we have all the fun just because we author a blog? You’ve traversed this journey with us. Provided encouragement through our cruxes. Aided in navigating us to an orange-backed kitchen island. For this partnership we thank you. Faithfully. It takes a village.

Act of appreciation manifests itself into a housewarming pay-it-forward. For one of you.

We were told to select any delectable modern delight on allmodern.com with a ceiling of $200. At first thought you might convince yourself this is impossible. Prior to loss of aforementioned hour, we would have agreed. We were proven wrong.

Here’s a quick sampling of what was found. All for under $200:

Knoll Bertoia Seat Cushion - $138.00

Herman Miller Eames Hang-it-All - $152.15

Kartell Componibili Round Storage Tower - $164.80

Vitra - Noguchi Dining Set - $144.45

There's a lot more to choose from. Leaving remaining mid century modern object hunting to you.

How to play: (Update 6/17/09: Contest closed but still recommend checking out allmodern.com)

Hop on allmodern.com. Recommend starting with Knoll. Search for items under $200. Narrow it to one. Post a comment with link to said item. Feel free to Tweet it to @atomicindy or Facebook it on Atomic Indy Facebook page to increase chances. Names will be dropped into a proverbial hat. One week hence a name will be drawn from proverbial hat. Item selected by winner will be sent courtesy of allmodern.com.

Don’t post comments anonymously. We kind of need to know who you are.

Let the housewarming begin. What mid century modern goodness do you want?

As a quick follow up to Atomic Crash Party. Many thanks for interest and support. Appears we have enough host homes to make it through year one. Debut Crash Party is on for July 18th, 2009 1pm-5pm. Mark it. Ladies, get your party dresses ready. Details forth coming on next post.

Renovation progress has slowed slightly with W. Lafayette home tour and yard sailing. Ahoy. That said, we do have a few renovation projects to reveal. Stand by.




Stephanie said...

What an awesome contest. I fell in love with this hanging lighting fixture, and it totally matches the colors in my room so I hope hope hope I win.


Thanks again!

stoofer15 at yahoo dot com

troy. said...

Baz -- You are too kind! I like the Kartell Componibili, almost went with the Vitra Elephant Stool, but this Lamps 2 Light Table Lamp is my pick (despite its rather generic name).

modernemama said...

I'd get the Alessi Wood Pepper Mill by Peter Zumthor - it would look perfect in the kitchen at Beach House and when else could I afford $165 for a pepper mill I've coveted for so long?

heidi said...

No question, the Kartell Round Tower storage unit.
It makes me feel like a hot YOUNG designer again!

LesleySW said...

This is too cool. I choose lighting also -- the George Kovacs - George's Reading Room Task Floor Lamp in Manhattan Bronze

Baz Mcm said...

You guys are finding some great stuff. Stuff I didn't even know they had. It's cool to see people's taste too.

This is fun.



Jess Snell said...

Wow, great contest! I've never been to AllModern before - they sure do have a lot to choose from. My heart lies with the George Kovacs Seven Bulb Table Lamp - I'd have to buy another if I won this one to make a nice pair of bedside lamps. Plus, it matches the chrome sputnik chandelier in my dining room. Lovely stuff!


Joe Barthlow said...

yippee! I am down with the eames hang all http://www.allmodern.com/Herman-Miller-%AE-HIA-HML1164.html



Mr. Guilt said...

Cool contest...cool site. I'm a fan of this:


J said...

I'm a fan of http://www.allmodern.com/Offi-PD2265-Black-OFF1114.html.

Something to move media from a thing to store, to a thing to display.

Thank you, Baz, for a great contest.

Felicity S. said...

Looking under Vitra-I have wanted a Nelson Omar Owl clock for a long time. I must treat myself soon. http://tinyurl.com/lllulg

Great contest!

casiep said...

What a great website. I love the cute little Herman Miller wire base table with the ash top and the zinc-plated base. Have another one with a black top and it's great.


Felicity S. said...

Looking under Vitra-I have wanted a Nelson Omar Owl clock for a long time. I must treat myself soon. http://tinyurl.com/lllulg

Great contest!

christina@pmv said...

This is a super generous giveaway, guys! You actually pictured what I've been pining for, the Eames Hang-It-All rack ... although I could easily fill my home with items from allmodern.com if money were no object. I really do need a red Uten.Silo to match my vintage Componibili unit ... :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing: http://www.allmodern.com/Emu-ER125-EMU1003.html. For now, we'll just have to take turns sitting in the chair.

Spikely said...

You only spent an hour? Thanks for the time suckage, though there are of course many gorgeous things that made it very worthwhile (and difficult to choose). I'll have to go with wanting to win this lovely tall George Kovacs lamp which will look grand in our Eichler :)

Thanks for offering the contest! @PacRimGirl

Adam Harward said...

The perfect piece for the Owl themed Nursery http://www.allmodern.com/Vitra-215-004-01-VTA1019.html

Great contest! Thanks for putting it on.

Deanna said...

What a great contest! I love this chrome and black George Kovacs table lamp!


Barbara said...

My sons really want a dog but, like me, one of them is allergic. So, the large Magis Puppy would be perfect a perfect canine companion in our Minneapolis mid century modern home. I'd have to ask them about the color; I think they'd pick the green. http://www.allmodern.com/asp/show_detail.asp?sku=MGS1056&settab=1

Barbara said...

My sons really want a dog but, like me, one of them is allergic. So, the large Magis Puppy would be perfect a perfect canine companion in our Minneapolis mid century modern home. I'd have to ask them about the color; I think they'd pick the green. http://www.allmodern.com/asp/show_detail.asp?sku=MGS1056&settab=1

Tyler said...

I would roll with the Kartell - Componibili Round Tower - Three Doors - in black of course


Unknown said...

My wife and I spent a lot of time going through allmodern.com. We had not seen it before so thanks for sharing. We spotted a vanity light that would be a great addition to our new house:


jtkirkland [at] gmail [dot] com

Capree said...

You are way too nice - I think I would have kept this for myself! :p
In the off chance that I find some luck in that proverbial hat, I would like the Blu Dot Real Good Chair in Aqua with the optional seat pad in White, if I may. :D Thanks, Baz!

Unknown said...

Fabulous contest Baz! Okay, being a gal in need of new pillows and no sewing machine, I'd love several of these pillows found at http://www.allmodern.com


The colors, the style, the functionality all integrate in mi su case a la Garfield Park. Note the similarities to this style and my twitter wallpaper. Coincidence - NOT!

::Clicking my heels together 3x like Dorothy:::

@JulesIndy aka @VintageisVogue

Cheers! Clinking Martini glass to Mojito glass!

Jonathan said...

I've always admired the look of the Componibili Round Tower.

It'll suit well in my new house!


jonnic_15 at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Gotta play this game...I'm wishing for the Kartel 3 level round storage unit in white. My son loves playing with it when we see it in any store & it would look great in our house.


Thanks AtomicIndy & Allmodern!

Lesley @midmodredo.com

Adam Bancroft said...

What a great contest from a local! I'm a fan of interesting lighting, and found this:


The chocolate on green is nice, probably in 14"x16" swag to fill the space over the breakfast table we dont have!

Joe S said...

I adore this Artemide - Spiral Wall Light.

Katie Lewis said...

Great contest! We have a mid-century modern home we are slowly restoring and I love these pillows:




Baz Mcm said...

Great stuff from everyone. Blown away by the variety of selections and the fact that you guys found stuff I didn't even know http://allmodern.com had.

I'm pumped that you're all getting into it. Spread the word.



Carina said...

I just moved to a new house that we are going to retro-up. And I'm thinking that the Glenna Jean mobile needs to go over my stair case. Like, bad. http://www.allmodern.com/Glenna-Jean-90265-GK2649.html

Shannon Stanbro said...

My 60's house definitely needs the Le Klint LK47 - LK47 Pendant Lamp!


John and Diane said...

Well, I could spend hours on that site. I seem to have expensive tastes - I could use outdoor dining furniture but of course that was too pricey, as were the cool mailboxes. The one thing I have been pondering buying is a set of Chilewich spun vinyl placemats
which are relatively cheap so I'd get a set of 6 for me in olive and a set of 6 for you (I think you'd need the orange). I know I was supposed to pick one item so maybe I don't even qualify. Anyway, fun contest and congrats on all those terrific things you found at the yard sales, you all really scored.

Mike said...

I think I might go with this steelcase chair to accompany the steelcase desk that's living in my garage waiting for restoration.

kat thielman said...

Loving the Mio Culture - Bendant Lamp


Just can't decide which color I want the most.

Great idea for a contest (I HOPE I WIN). And, thanks for the site tip, will definitely be doing some shopping for the house soon there. :-)
katthielman at yahoo dot com

Julie Parente said...

What a great contest! And I love your blog, too. I found you from The Design File.

I have been searching high and low for a pendant light for my foyer, and this would be perfect: the George Kovacs Bling Bling Three Light Pendant

Thanks for the chance to win.

Graham said...

I'd love to be original, but I'm gonna hop on the Hang-It-All train. I've wanted one for a long time.

Claudia A+D said...

Wow, giving away your housewarming gift to your readers is beyond generous! You are so freaking super fantastic. Makes me happy. Oh so happy : )

Claudia A+D said...

Forgot to say that in case I win, I'd love the Herman Miller Eames Hang-It-All

www.allmodern.com is an awesome site, btw! I'll most def be going back for more : )

Thanks so much, B!

Mason Dyer said...

Sweet contest Baz. Like someone else who has already posted, I dig the Herman Miller Eames Wire Base Table http://www.allmodern.com/Herman-Miller-%AE-LTRT-HML1167.html. Have bookmarked allmodern.com and will be coming back. Great site.

Limited Edition Hang-It-All said...

If you like the Hang-it-all there is a limited edition with solid walnut hooks in the style of Charles Eames Hang-it-all.