Mid Century Modern Homes for Sale Indianapolis - Update.

Desirable affordability. One more Indianapolis Mid Century Modern home found.

Quick update to previous post. Came across another Mid Century Modern home for sale in Indianapolis. Resides in our neighborhood. Have briefly mentioned it on long-ago post. Newly listed and ready for your viewing pleasure.

4601 N. Audubon Rd.


Built 1955

Same unknown builder as our house. Have found thread leading to an architect in St. Louis. His designs are eerily similar to those in our hood. Eerily similar to indicate near identical. More digging to be done. Post on this topic lingering on not-so-distant horizon.

Back to it.

Recently renovated. Not to period but still well done. Incredibly affordable. Opportunity to join our growing Mid Century Modern hipster neighborhood is within grasp. Grab it. We'll bring cookies and loan sugar.

Artfully integrated house numbers.

Clerestory windows atop lime stone off-center privacy wall. Carport converted to garage.

Side patio privacy screen. Unique use of corrugated plastic.

Back view behind privacy wall. Dig the three cut outs. Nice design element.

Back of house.

Big back yard.

Living room view of clerestory windows. Catches evening sun.

Fireplace and first glimpse of restored wood floor tiles.

Restored original flooring in all their little square glory.

Original closet doors beneath interior clerestory windows. Interior to mean living room on other side. Rare to find these not covered or otherwise altered.

Well-staged with mid century modernist homebuyers in mind. Complete with issues of Dwell.

Bathroom and kitchen renovated Ikea style

Armstrong VCT flooring
laid in bathroom (VCT = vinyl composite tile). Very common in Mid Century Modern restorations.


Close up view of reissued Formica boomerang countertops.

Original Blo-Fan remains. Same fans often used by Joseph Eichler.

In usual form, recommending Joe of MacDuff Realty. He'll give you the tour.

Am currently several weeks behind on Atomic Indy home renovation updates. Aware of this. Not neglecting those who come for the renovation adventures. Promise. Readers connected through Twitter and Facebook know we've been tenaciously busy. Can tune into play by play there. Monster Mid Century Modern renovation post looming with mounds of pics to feast upon.




Tikimama said...

Unbelievable. The price of that house is like a down payment out here in SoCal. If I were all on my own, I'd sure be tempted!

Donna Sink said...

OK, so I think I saw that same wood floor squares in our mutual friend WM's house, but I didn't think it was original. is it? it looks old in these pictures, but hard to tell.

Jess Snell said...

Unbelievable is right, Tikimama. I'd consider selling my current house and commuting an hour just to live in this one.

Baz Mcm said...

Collected assorted comments from Atomic Indy Facebook & Twitter chatter:

"OMG - I want your neighbor's house! Wish there was SOME way I could buy it - I'd LOVE to see it! It's the style we love!!!"

"Ohh man! I can't believe the price on that house. Nice find indeed...it won't last long!"

"Totally agree... gobble gobble gobble it up! Would love to have it!"

"wish it were on the west side of town. would snap it up for sure."

"That price makes me drool! I can't believe it ... Great place!"

"Beautiful Home."


Baz Mcm said...


No doubt the cost of living is in our favor but SoCal is th ehome of Mid Century Modern and there is a premium price on the "original" mod pad.


Yes, the floors are original. I've seen them in five other houses in the hood. Sadly our house did not have these floors or I would have worked hard to restore.

Miss Jess,

We have cookies in the oven ready for the welcome wagon as soon as you move in.

Cheers to all,


Baz Mcm said...

One more Facebook comment to add:

"is that "1" correct in the price? that just seems like a bargain. I can't even find a studio apartment for that. I hope it's still available when I am ready to move back."

CoachingByPeter said...

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craigwoodworks said...

My wife just came back from her corporate HQ in Indy and was hoping she wouldn't be relocated there. Seeing that $104,900 price tag might just convince her otherwise. After living our whole lives in California, prices like that are hard to believe.

Sandi V. said...

Wow, really wow. Even in Portland, the most reasonably-priced of the west coast cities, this amazes me! Wonderful place, nice to see a reno with some respect for the home's architecture!

matt said...

if only my wife and i could find such places as these at this price here in denver.

i hope someone snaps it up quickly! it seems there's nothing left to do.

midlothian va homes for sale said...

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