Mid Century Modern Homes for Sale Indianapolis

Indianapolis Mid Century Modern real estate is heating up.

Topic of Mid Century Modern's recession-proof-ness has been reoccurring lately. Niche markets are good. Small amounts of inventory for growing ranks of highly passionate buyers.

Most buyers hunt for school systems and nearby shopping centers for their home selection sustenance. Not us. "Us" being the collective us. You included. "Us" is hunting for something more elusive. "Us" is after good design. Style. Architecture. Form and function. We're willing to drive a bit further to get to a big box store. Willing to (by standard definition) live in a less desirable area. Willing to compromise to live in a Mid Century Modern heaven.

If you're on the hunt, avoid Realtors who don't immediately understand what you're looking for. We met with several agents who could muster only a quizzical look when we would say "Mid Century Modern". Realtors minds have been trained to seek granite counter tops, double hung windows, and French doors. Home search is fun with an agent who understands design. In Indy, Joe Shoemaker is the guy. Long time readers know him by now. Call him. He's a great listener. 317.413.8501

With this notion I turn focus to three newly listed Mid Century Modern homes for sale in Indianapolis. One of which I've toured. One of which I intend to tour. And, one which I hope someone will un-do what's been done.

First stop:

3755 71st St.


Built 1957

Designed by local MCM architecture fame, Evans Woollen.

Amazing pad. Can't wait to get a tour.

Dig this entrance.

One sign you're on the right track is when the current owner has appropriate furnishings.

Some muddling was done in the kitchen. I'm guessing the under mount sink is not original.

Next up:

6608 Sunset Ln.


Built 1951

This place has some great moments overshadowed by some poor decisions. Listing notes offer warning: "Totally remodeled. The interior boasts new cherry kitchen cabinets, new appliances, updated bathrooms, bamboo floors and many custom design features".

Recently found relevant post on Livemodern worth reading. Discusses the affects of force-fitting the wrong aesthetic to a Mid Century Modern. Read it here. This case is a perfect example of how dollars mis-invested weaken the value of this home. Buyers seeking cherry cabinets and granite are not looking for an atomic ranch. They've just eliminated their real buyer from the equation. First rule of marketing - know your audience.

Hold your breath...

Interesting stone privacy wall is promising.





Windows entice. Begging coragoues un-doers to fix her.

Clearly the best room in the house is actually outside. Love the details in the iron gate.

And, finally.

4781 Linton Lane


Built 1959

Designed by Thos H. Hodine.

Upon pulling into the driveway this appears to be a ranch by any other name. Not so. Dubbed "Space House", this was the Centerpiece Home of the 1957 Indianapolis Home Show. Joe and I ran through here like kids in the proverbial MCM candy store. Tasty stuff.

Nice screen. Entertaining thoughts of building similar.

Original aluminum shades.

Plaques at entrance tell the tale.

All original light fixtures intact.

Pics out of order. It's late. Refuse to rearrange.

Greenhouse off the garage.

View from the lake.

View of said lake.

Back patio.

Original shower door. Nice detail.

Terrazzo shower basin.

Basement houses indoor grill.

Nice lighting detail.

Glass tile climbs side of double-sided fireplace wall. Fireplace separates living and dining rooms.

Skylight well placed.

Built-in medicine cabinet in master bath.

Guest bath.

Love this tile in guest bath.

Mini split level made me smile.

Close up of lit shadow boxes. Full run below.

View of lake from on high.

Standing in garage looking at greenhouse.

Front door opens to terrazzo. Makes sharp left down hall. Really cool detail of brass ring in-lay. Rings start big, get smaller until corner then grow again. Tricky to describe. Magic to witness.

Large wood paneling climbs to infinite ceiling.

Sweet TV in kitchen.

Original Thermador cook top.

More sweet lighting.

Nelson-style benches line the wall.

Herman Miller
in the house.

Dining side of fireplace.

Joe enjoying the lake. Me enjoying the sweet fixture.

Full run of shadow boxes come around.

Built-in planter and shelves.

Close up of brass in-lay rings previously mentioned.

There you have it. Three Mid Century Modern homes for sale in Indianapolis. Joe will be more than happy to give you the tour. If you know of others, send them my way.

I must now sleep. Past two days spent running new wire for planned built-in office and built-in media center.




Ms. Atomic said...


I am a new reader of your blog, I found it through Retro Renovation. All I can say is AMEN! My husband and I are trying to purchase a 1965 Eichler in Northern, CA. It was unaffordable a few years ago. I am now commuting over 1 hour to get to work just to live in this amazing home. Great blog! can;t wait to read more.

Internet Geoff said...

Hey this is Geoff Ward, @thinkrich from twitter. That third house is amazing!! From my experience, MCM architecture is all but nonexistant in New Orleans, which is a dire shame. I can still pine over the internet, though.

Lushpad said...

Love it! Can't get enough of MCM photo tours! :) I'm really enjoying your blog.

Anonymous said...

I live near the house on Sunset and just saw that it was on the market, thanks for posting pics!
Cheers, Kim

P.S. Space house is wicked!

Baz Mcm said...

Assorted comments collected from Atomic Indy Facebook & Twitter chatter:

"Well said! I loved this: ..."Us" is hunting for something more elusive. "Us" is after good design. Style. Architecture."

"The Space House is my favorite!"

"Well, the price is right, and it's on a lake! Great blog post...the "country" decor in the middle house, oy."

"Thanks for a great new post this week. Fabulous! Great work!"

"I'll take the one on Linten Lane. Thanks for sharing those great houses. Of course, it makes me want to move back home... LOL"

"All very cool (except the horrible decorating on the middle one). Love the last one and see so many similarities to my house, giving me lots of ideas. Thanks as always for sharing!!"

Baz Mcm said...

Ms. Atomic,

Happy to have you reading. Welcome. Completely understand the willingness to drive further to get home when home is an MCM.

Internet Goeff (@thinkrich),

Don't know much about New Orleans architecture but the aesthetic can live in any space. Minimalist clean line design. Bring it.


Mutual admiration. Love the work you do at lushpad.com educating about MCM furniture and providing a place to buy/sell.

Anonymous (Kim),

My pleasure. If you see any others pop up in your area, holler.

Cheers to all,


Donna Sink said...

We considered buying the one on Sunset when we moved here, but felt it had some serious foundation issues and didn't like the corner lot (though living at the intersection of "Sunset and Rainbow" certainly seems romantic!). It's nice to see the interior, not so nice to see what has been done with it. You're right, some people don't get what the essence of a house is and fight it all the way through - I think this when I see a Home Depot oval etched floral glass front door installed on a MCM, which I see far too often...

Baz Mcm said...


Sadly we have the exact front door you referenced. It's on the long list of things to change.


Unknown said...

I just stumbled across your blog though a Google search. I've recently fallen in love with MCM.

I'm new to Indy and now I despise the Vinyl Villages that are all over here.

I love the older homes here and MCMs are now my favorites.