Mid Century Modern Renovation

Weekend Warrior Style

(Not our house. See end of post for details.)

Dust Settling on Weekend's Progress. Before we begin, two quick updates are owed.


Flat roof issues were expertly handled by Bauerle Roofing. Not to deviate from our normal M.O., we searched Angie's List to find a contractor worth working with. Should you find yourself under a leaking roof (flat or otherwise) Bob Bauerle stops the rain. (317) 985-2344. robertbauerle@comcast.net.


Those who have been with Atomic Indy from inception may remember our septic system pumping upon purchasing our Mid Century Modern home in Indianapolis. Funny thing is, it turns out we're not actually on a septic system.

Began to have problems when doing laundry. Laundry problems led us to call Acme Plumbing. Acme opened septic tank and stood scratching head. Water level was low. No signs of "habitation" were present. At some point a private line was run to city sewer.

Snaking the lines resulted in several pounds of wet wipes which had accumulated behind tree roots. Wet wipes are not flush-safe. Don't look at us like that. Wet wipes were not ours. We have no kids to prove it.

Wet wipe evidence:

Tree root evidence:

Moment to breathe reveals weekend accomplishments. Post from here functions as virtual time line of events. Strap-in.

Friday night:

Picked up in-law's van. Again. Drove through cornfields and cow pastures to reach Mid Century Modern patio furniture. Just in time for the promise of spring.

Sweet Mid Century Modern Bench

Mid Century Modern patio chair and ottoman. Chair swivels and rocks (both literally and figuratively).

Saturday Morning:

Cut and sanded wood for kitchen toe kicks.

Began drive to local Mid Century Modern Furniture store in Indianapolis (next post will be a full feature on said store).

Along the way, encountered yard sale sign. Yard sale had nice set of vintage kitchen cabinets with cool built-in bread box and sliding panels. Tweeted about cabinets.

Cabinets still available on Craigslist for $375

Detour to Goodwill at Glendale. Found cool desk. Don't need desk. Immediately posted pics on Twitter and Facebook. Let us know if you got it.

Saturday afternoon:

Arrived at Mid Century Modern Furniture store. Bought two vintage Swedish pendant lamps, and picked up free 1969 "RCA Two Thousand" TV. Apparently only 2,000 were made. See Gizmondo post for more on this incredibly cool piece.

Able to get sound but cannot adjust picture to clarity. No matter. A beautiful piece of Mid Century Modern furniture by all accounts.

Sides are white laminate topped by rosewood veneer slab. All this sits upon tulip-style base.

Doors open and disappear to reveal TV.

Came with two remotes. Backside is leather.

Have owner's manual and technician's manual with full schematics. Were I to understand electronic schematics, I'd be well on my way to repairing this TV. Unfortunately my handiness ends at home renovation.

Saturday later afternoon:

Painted toe kicks.

Cut groove for Ikea leg clips. Clever way to allow toe kicks to be easily removed and replaced.

Line-up clip with leg and snap into place.

No toe kick.

Yes toe kick.

The Atomic Indy Mid Century Modern kitchen renovation is one step closer to complete completion.

Between paint coats, installed aforementioned vintage Swedish pendant lamps in hallway.

Started with this:

Installed this:

Casing is gray glazed over smoked white glass. Flip the switch and light goes from gray to bright white:

Running congruently with my projects, the wife began prototype development of a Mid Century Modern pillow.

Several other patterns are in-process. Eventual plans to make these pillows available for purchase.


Checked out Joe Shoemaker's most recent Modern House for sale in Carmel, Indiana. Joe specializes in Mid Century Modern homes and real estate in Indianapolis.

Sweet 1980's modern home in Carmel renovated by professional interior designers:

If you like what you see check out Inhabit. They designed and produced all the textiles, art, and dimensional wall panels you see in these pictures. They're currently giving away a subscription to Dwell with every purchase. So if you need to renew, might as well buy a sweet pillow too. Shop Inhabit here.

Living spaces breathe with real tree living beneath large skylight.

Call Joe if you're interested. He'd be happy to sell it to you.

Sunday night:





Julie "Jules" Bush said...

Excellent contributions this week! The RCA 2000 is SWEET! Where in the world did you find it? Thanks for all of the great tweets, links, and MCM fabulousness!

Chris said...

Just out of curiousity, why did you decide to make your own toe kicks instead of buying them at Ikea?

Baz Mcm said...


Great question. Reason was four-fold.

1. Indecision: At time of cabinet purchase, wasn't sure what color I wanted the toe kicks to be.

2. Proximity: Closest Ikea is 2 hrs away. Due to reason #1. We left with only one toe kick (to use as filler on the ends of cabinet runs). To get more would require a full day trip in the in-laws van, which is getting plenty of work.

3. Cost. Ikea charges $15.00 for a 7ft toe kick (they call them plinths). I would have needed four to complete my job, totaling $60.00 (not including time/gas). My lumber purchase was $35.00. Already had paint.

4. Custom fit. As mentioned, the longest run Ikea makes is 7ft. The longest run I had was 10ft. I liked the idea of a continuous piece, rather than seaming.

Bonus was they were easy to make. The groove for the clips happens to be the width of a table saw blade. Set the height and go.



Baz Mcm said...


Thanks for the kind words. Will write a detailed post on where the TV came from with lots of pics.


Chris said...

Gotcha. It certainly makes sense with the white cabinets. I have Ikea cabinets, but they're the medium brown stain which forced me to buy their plinths. I'm (finally) installing them this weekend. I was hoping that your reason wasn't "because Ikea's toe kicks are pieces of junk".

troy. said...

Phew...I'm tired just from reading! You should drop a flat screen into that RCA 2000 -- kinda like remodeling your furniture. And those lights are PRIME!

Anonymous said...


Nice post!

We resently bought the love seat / bench (and two lounge chairs) that you have a picture of on this post - do you (or anyone else) know any background info on these - e.g. where they were originally sold, when and if there is any info on the designer...

Many Thanks,

Anonymous said...

Hi again,

Browsed the internet and found these awesome pictures of the same armchair pictured above, but with original (?) aqua cushions. Seems as it is a Salterini chair designed by Maurizio Tempestini.


Any info on love seat would be great!

Jessica said...

I have a slight infatuation with mid-century modern design and just started looking for a home in Carmel. Where is this amazing home?

Unknown said...


I recently came across your site, on my search for modern furniture, remodel ideas, and I love it! I also saw that you have acquired an RCA 2000. I didn't find any other posts about it, so I am not sure if you have decided to re-fit it since April... however my dad worked for RCA for almost thirty years and might be able to suggest the best options for either refurbishing it or re-fitting it. If interested I'll let him know.


Anna said...

I just bought a wire rocker like the one you have posted...what are you doing about a cushion? Mine has one but I hate it and would like to either have a new one made or buy one. Thanks! Love the blog! - anna