Mid Century Modern Goodwill Hunting

MCM Treasures Collected at Goodwill's 50% Off Day.

Patience Appreciated. Promise kept. Few weeks ago was Goodwill's half-off day. Hit five stores. Returned with bountiful bounty.

Vintage hi-fi credenza stereo complete with turntable. Works. Needs light refinishing and a needle.

Already rigged Airport Express to remotely play iTunes through hi-fi. Able to DJ music from iPhone. Our Mid Century Modern House in Indianapolis has been jamming.

Sourced several lamps.

Danish modern lamp. Now on hunt for perfect shade.

Double-cone accent up-lamp.

Already had white ball lamp. Didn't have stand. Found fondue pot stand. Perfect fit. Illuminates fireplace wall with style. Ingenuity repurposed.

Speaking of fondue pots. Orange one is perfect match to kitchen island.

Scored 50%-off Goodwill-style deal on perfect condition Steelcase desk and credenza.



Unfortunately, desk is too large for our space. Will soon be reselling. Hit us up if you have interest.

Goodwill is not the only source for non-dealer-priced Mid Century Modern furniture in the midwest.

Craigslist also exists as occasional hunting ground. Arc lamp now resides over our plastic folding Tulip Table stand-in.

Target had two 4' x 6' shag rugs, which were promptly combined to create one 6' x 8' rug. Adds a bit of comfort to our construction zone. Holes in wall serve to remind we still have work to do.

This post serves to remind us that vintage modern can be affordable. Tenacity required. Garage sale season starts now. Let us know what treasures you find. If you'd rather stay at home, try the Goodwill online auction site.

Weekend post forthcoming to catch you up on recent home activities. Leaky rubber roof resolved, and we learned something very interesting about our septic system. Stand down wind, and stand by.



P.S. Thanks to all Facebook and Twitter friends. Enjoying you.


Anonymous said...

If I needed a needle for an old turntable, I'd go to Headstone's in Terre Haute, which allegedly still has some.

Baz Mcm said...


As someone who is needing a needle for an old turntable, I thank you.


V said...

WOW. Which Goodwill did you go to? Amazing.

Baz Mcm said...


Every few weeks I hit several. They're always getting new and different stuff so there isn't any one location that is best. I would try to avoid the Goodwill Outlet store. That place is like a feeding trough of junk.



Unknown said...

The Goodwill Outlet store is a trough of junk; however, if you can ask them to allow you to go in the back where they sift, crush, sort, and tag merchandise, you'd be amazed at the goodies. I have purchased two stellar items from there, but the best deals are usually posted on shopgoodwill.com.

Your in MCM passion and collecting,

barb said...

Hi I just picked up a round teak stero console. It is 3ft across about 2 ft. high, has a single black stand sitting on a round teak base. It is made by Deilcraft and Electrohome a Canadian company. I have never seen a stereo like it, any info? Thanks Barb

jamie@midcenturymania said...

We seem to be finding very similar items, it's a little freakish. We have no Goodwill but we have a Salvation Army and Waste Management Thriftstore/warehouse. Items I found; console stereo, modern tear drop lamp, vintage desk and FUNdo pot in yellow.

Unknown said...

To Barb who posted about the round teak stereo by Deilcraft. My father has the same one. My parents bought it and matching end tables and coffee table new prior to 1973.