Mid Century Modern Furniture in Indianapolis

Review of Indy's finest Mid Century Modern Furniture store.

Multiple posts dedicated to Mid Century Modern furniture in Cincinnati betray the absence of a more local nature. Act of reconciliation reveals Indy's great Mid Century Modern furniture store, and veritable treasure trove, "Meridian".

Located not-so-ironically on Meridian St. & 22nd on northeast corner of said intersection.

Should you happen to be someone who loves Mid Century Modern furniture, and additionally happen to be in Indianapolis, you must check this place out. Proprietor, Todd Warweg is a virtual encyclopedia with over 20 years experience.

Got many questions about where and how we scored our free RCA Two Thousand. Was buried under several MCM objects with handwritten note saying "free to a good home". We elected our Mid Century Modern home in Indianapolis.

Meridian has many square feet of MCM joy. Every turn greets with more eye candy.

While exploring, one must pause to look up. Sputnik and globe pendants light the way.

Sweet patio furniture. Perfect for icey lemonade during competitive badminton.

Lois Poulsen PH series tempt me to no end.

In white:

In orange:

More treasure waiting to be discovered.

What time is it? It's Nelson time.

How many hours could you spend in here?

Dig quirky end table magazine rack. Anyone know original designer?

Mid Century Modern door knocker sales display. Perfect.

Multiple sets of chairs abound.

Bertoia Diamond chair with ottoman. Wipe your mouth, drooler.

Much more to see. In person. Stop by. Visit Todd. Tell him Atomic Indy sent you. We believe it's important to support our local treasures in these times. Call to action; help ensure stores like Meridian are around long after this recession exists only as a fading memory. Future posts will share other resources for local Mid Century Modern furniture finds.

Meridian details:

Location: Corner of Meridian & 22nd.

Hours: Wed-Sat 12p-4p

Tel: 317.923.2201

Sadly, no website.




Crossed said...

Yes cool stuff, but last time I was in there in February, the heat was off for cost savings, and all I got was a sneer from Todd. For used stuff its overpriced. Would rather spend my Money at Form+Function.

John and Diane said...

Looks like the stores and the Goodwills are full of terrific stuff out there, I am so jealous.

tikimama said...

Oh, this is just cruelty! I know I probably have quite a few stores near me in the L.A. environs, but I always figure they are way overpriced. I bet you can find better prices...or am I way off?

And I could spend DAYS in that store!

christina@pmv said...

Sad to say I stopped by in January, during posted business hours, and the shop was closed. Neighboring business said he was usually only open on Saturday, but his hours are Wed-Sat. I left a message, and when the owner returned my call, he said he didn't want to heat the place up all day on a weekday. Sigh. Looked neat from the outside ... :-P

Anonymous said...

I am originally from Indianapolis but moved to LA in 1993. I must say that stopping by Meridian is the highlight of my trip back home. The owner is a shy guy but if you hit him with a question you will soon realize he is a nice guy who REALLY knows his stuff. I could talk to that guy for hours...he is the modern encyclopedia. I cant believe how ridiculous cheap his prices are. I guess if his prices were the same as goodwill and he kept his heat on 80 in january then hoosiers would be happy. No wonder there are no other modern stores in Indy.

Capree said...

This store is amazing!

modernesia said...

Awesome! I just wish it was closer to me.

Retro ReDesign said...

I want to go! My favorite local store closed... It was a very sad day.

Jake said...

Amazing store, great guy, go see him.

Peking said...

I'm bummed every time I drive by because the store never seems to be open! I did make it in once during my lunch hour and there was some really nice pieces, but whew the prices ~ guess that's what you get for originals.

Anonymous said...

We managed to find this store open once. Whoever was working there wasn't very helpful. We haven't been back since, mainly b/c the hours are very inconvenient.

Anonymous said...

this place isn't awesome!

Anonymous said...

This store has great stuff but it's overpriced. Moreover, it's never open. Whenever I go during business hours it is closed. It is annoying.

Unknown said...

I had the chance to visit Merician recently, picked up a few things for very fair prices. The owner was nice, friendly, informative, and helpful. In my opinion, if the minimal heating inside the store helps keep the prices reasonable, wear a coat! Thanks Tood, great shop and enjoyed visiting and doing business with you.

Anonymous said...

Went in, person there did not want to help out. No hellos, no nothing. NO way to run a business. Sad. I was really interested in a few items, but the fool on a chair who looked totally stoned did not bother to make a move.

John Stover said...

Hey Todd, it`s John Stover from High school, email me man.... DallasStover4@gmail.com Hope you are doing well

Anonymous said...

I have 3 unique retro chairs for sale my email will.pittman@att.net one pink to green all metal this store is never never open

Cornbread Martini said...

Todd the owner can come off aloof or unfriendly. He does warm up though and is very helpful once he does. I was in the store last week and he has increased the number of days open. Just putting in a good word because he really put me off several years ago when I first started going in but has proved to be a decent guy and I'd like the community to support the place. Indy needs businesses like this and people willing to take the risk of opening them. Y'all will miss him when the store is gone.

Anonymous said...

I have been a world traveler,
there are a lot of shops that are
not open due to the owner chasing down estate sales and other sources
of this hard to get niche subject
matter, so be cool and try to work
with this guy. Like many posts,
HE DOES know what he is doing.
I also agree with the out of town
people, mainly because they have
experience OUT of town!!!!!