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As our Mid Century Modern abode begins to take shape we begin contemplating art. Original art. Art that defines our style. Art that defines our space. Art that defines - us.

Hit Etsy in search of inspired original Mid Century Modern-ish art. If you are not familiar with Etsy, stop reading and click here. Then come back quickly.

Welcome back.

Ongoing attempts to support local scene led me to Etsy’s shop local option. Encountered two intriguing Indy artists rocking a Mid Century Modern vibe. Inspired, I share with you.

Melissa Bryant

Small town Indiana girl found inspiration in our mid-sized town. Digs chairs. I dig chairs. Instant connection. Her chair subjects are extensional representations of people she has known. Wicked cool. What kind of chair would you be? I call Saarinen tulip chair. You can be an Eames lounger.

Ships internationally.

Prices range from $12-$50.

Custom works available.

Melissa's Etsy store: mywireempire

Jessica Kestler

Born, raised, resides in Indy. Sculptural works defined by color and shape. Encapsulates mid-century modern aesthetic. I enjoy the playfulness of her dimensional acrylic creations. Her work will be coming to a wall near me. Once I have enough walls ready.

Ships internationally.

Prices range from $55-$750

Custom works available.

Jessica’s Etsy store: messicakes

Variations of Jessica's work can also be found on Ebay with collaborative tag-team artistic partner, Chris Cook under user name, *modernman*.


Who are some of your favorite artists jamming to the Mid Century Modern vibe? Post a link in comments.

Renovation update:

Past weekend was most productive. Was able to restore one of our favorite features of our Indianapolis Mid Century Modern home. More. Coming. Soon.




troy. said...

Great find on Jessica Kestler - amazing stuff.

Campbell Laird is my absolute favorite.

jp33 is another.

On Etsy:


Strange Fascination

Anonymous said...

Have you done the gallery tours during First Fridays either in Fountain Square, the Stutz building or on Mass Ave?

Baz Mcm said...


Great additions. Campbell Laird just started following me on Twitter. Small world. I really liked Four Crows.


Indeed you will occasionally see me traipsing about the Mass Ave and Fountain Square First Friday scenes.

I missed the Stutz open house this past weekend. Sadly.



Kersten said...

wow. (wow.) and WOW!
What GREAT homes!

You crack me up and I can't tell you how much I enjoy the new posts!

I'm keeping a lookout for your table. You are getting such a great following that I think it isn't too far from your grasp! Your chairs will soon have their lovely companion.

Zane D. said...

check out this guy...more than just art but high level of awesomeness nonetheless...


david said...

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czmart said...

And don't forget little ol' me...
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