Mid Century Modern Kitchen Painting

Poll results in. Time not wasted. Action taken.

Thanks to all Atomic Indy readers. Keep your comments coming. Blog functions better as dialogue rather than monologue.

Recap for those just joining. We were roadblocked by kitchen island back-panel choices. Installed birch panels. Began to question decision. Opened up to readers' choice. Click here to review referenced post.

Poll results as follows (83 total votes):

- "Leave the birch": 23 votes (27%)

- "I dig the floor idea": 17 votes (20%)

- "I have a thing for orange": 36 votes (43%)

- "You've got it all wrong - I'll leave a comment": 7 votes (8%)

Appears most of us have a thing for orange.

Island decision complete. Proceeded to paint entire kitchen. Will maintain monochromatic theme of white and gray, allowing orange to resonate. Will otherwise show restraint on painted surfaces to avoid clown convention/circus vibe.

Over-protective of completed surfaces. Covered everything in layers of plastic. Thought of making a sandwich suddenly became uniquely challenging. Went hungry instead.

Had to remove wall cabinets to paint side walls (left two inches of open space on each end for floating look). Ikea's hanging system makes this relatively simple.

Onward to kitchen island project.

Recollection to birch panels.

Sanded. Sanded again. Cursed shellac. Sanded. Finally made a sandwich. Primed white. Twice.

Primed tinted. Once.

Final coat. Twice. Attentive razor blade work to form near-perfect lines across all edges.

Kitchen completely near completion. Remaining elements include: toe kick, small back splash and tongue & groove ceiling. In addition, note nesting boxes on left. Idea to create floating shelves stirs in our heads. Stand by.

Yesterday was half-off day at all area Goodwill stores. Next post to feature scored treasures.

Thanks again for your involvement in this process. Our Mid Century Modern home in Indianapolis now contains a part of you. The orange part.




Anonymous said...

Nice work. Looks great!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us participate. Looks great and I like the decision to limit a circus feel.

brankulo said...

looks great, what material did u use on counter top? i really like these wrap around designs.

Baz Mcm said...

Thanks for the kind words everyone.


The counter top is Formica. Trying to prove good, clean modern design is attainable on a reasonable budget.



Anonymous said...

I just spent the evening reading through your entire blog. It is fantastic. I'm an Indianapolis resident - live in South Broad Ripple (refuse to say "SoBro"). Love modern design, love MCMs, but unfortunately discovered this passion after I bought my first house. I'd love to end up in one eventually. Keep up the fantastic work - your kitchen looks amazing.

Liam said...

looks great! way better than the proposed orange. :)

Anonymous said...

Kitchen is great. I voted orange. It's inspiring. We hope to start our redo sometime soon. Have to deal with a large crack that runs through the slab first. Dreading it.

Anonymous said...

I voted orange! It's the accent color that runs through my mid-century (not modern) home. Typical L-shaped ranch on Indy's northeastside. I'm so envious of your project. Can't wait to find my first true mid-century modern home, complete with slanted roof lines and interior atrium.

John and Diane said...

Love the orange!
And yes, yes on floating shelves!

Joe S said...

Fantastic job you two!

I am continually inspired by your passion and commitment to document your work.

Thank you. Our community is better for it.

joe shoemaker

Biba said...

Just discovered your blog via facebook, i'm loving it - you have fab taste! Have added you to my blog list and will be back :)

Anonymous said...

The orange was a win. Good work!

Lesley said...

Nice! I voted for orange...Who fabricated the formica cabinet? We're in Denver, but trying to figure out our countertop choice...most kitchen shops have been awful (and I mean snobby) here so far.

BTW, I added a link on my blog to you!