Mid Century Modern Cincinnati Furniture Weekend

Review of DWR Annex Sale and Cincinnati's Mid Century Modern Treasure Troves.

Previous post promised revelation of Goodwill treasures. Promise not broken. Merely delayed.

Quick update. Taking Atomic Indy onto social media realms. Set up a Facebook page and Twitter account. Plans to use these tools to communicate instant thoughts and activities not worthy of full blog postings.

For instance, should we find treasures upon our hunts that we don't need, we will "tweet" image, condition, price, and location. Concept of keeping these treasures in our mutual MCM families.

Example: "tweeted" below items on Sunday.

Great table with leaf. Perfect condition:

Interesting fabric-stretched canvas.

Invitation to join us on:



Back to it.

Hit DWR Annex Sale with intentions of scoring our 78" oval Saarinen tulip table. Returned with in-law's van as empty as it began. No worries. Still had a great time caravaning and touring with a couple of our Mid Century Modern friends from Indianapolis.

In all honesty, DWR was slightly over-confident in their pricing. Crowd was thin and they were asking some serious coin for some pretty chewed up items.

Let's begin:

Sea of couches.

Nice shelving unit. Growing confidence in ability to build myself. Wife amused.

Perfect for your Nelson bed or couch.

One or two tulip chairs.

Found tulip table. Distance was its best friend. Closer inspection revealed huge gash and crack beyond our ability to repair. Delusional DWR still believed it was worth $2,000.

Undeterred we proceeded to hit a couple of Cincinnati's Mid Century Modern furniture stores including Modology and the Duck Creek Antique Mall. Most notably however was Mainly Art owned by Mark Fisk. They had great furniture compounded by fair prices.

Nelson couch set beautifully restored.

Nice chair display.

A sense of the collection for you to get MCM drunk on.

Paul Mcobb well represented.

Will make good on Goodwill treasure promises with a mid-week bonus post. Join us on Twitter and Facebook. Look forward to connecting with more Atomic Indy readers - 2.0 style.




Biba said...

I love your pictures. Can't imagine being amongst this much MCM eye candy! That Paul McCobb unit is gorgeous...

Eric McGrew said...

Don't let your wife stop you. I am finally getting to the MCM dresser that will look like a buffet when closed. It is going slowly, but my wife is amazed at my ability to work with wood. I should have it on my blog and flickr very soon.

I really like your blog by the way! You guys have cool MCM stuff there.

Vintage Guy said...

Wow, why can't I ever find any hot finds like that at my thrift shops. I would go crazy in there.