20th Century Cincinnati

Review of our first mid century modern furniture show.

Went to Cincinnati this weekend. Twice. Was our first period-specific show. In-laws offered mini van. Turned them down with intentions of not buying “big”. Plan failed. Second trip was required to collect remaining loot. Details at end of post.

Let’s proceed to photographic indulgences of wonderful items passed up. No checkbook required.

Eero Aarnio ball chair. Was in great shape. Was however not cheap. It did sell.

Show opened in lobby with gallery display of Edie Harper's work. Edie is wife to famed mid century modern artist, Charley Harper.

Now we enter doors. Redeem ticket. Hand stamped. Proceed.

First piece drooled over. Mid century modern record player on tulip base. Had jack for iPod. Sounded great. Item is now on "will have eventually list".

Dig this clock radio. Was gone by day two.

Plenty of Eames loungers throughout show. Also on "will have eventually list".

Impressive collection in this booth.

Automotive finish.

This desk is tasty sweet. Note top floating off drawer box. Back of drawer box acts as display shelf for MCM trinkets.

Front side of desk.

Funky fabric.

The folks at cincinnatimodern.com had a booth with several great pics of classic Cinci MCMs (below). They specialize in modern real estate. If you live in Cinci and are in the market, these are your people. They currently have several great listings.

Suspended cabinets over island. Sexy.

Cool house.

Fantastic interior shot.

We are in market for oval tulip dining table. This was however too low to sit at.

Beautiful Herman Miller credenza. Opens on both sides to function as room divider.

Shot of a poster. Love this picture.

One of Indy's finest mid century modern dealers, Hector Jurado (not pictured). Always top class. His home was featured on 2008 Indianapolis Mid Century Modern Home Tour. Pics of his home can be found here. He also maintains booths at both Midland Arts & Antiques locations.

Heywood Wakefield lounger and ottoman. Nice alternative to the commonly seen Eames lounger.

Mr. Rude.

Must take moment to express utter shock. Gentleman seen above sitting beneath yellow lamp is now top-of-list rudest people ever met. Note, he sits at tulip table. Note, we are actively in the market for tulip table. Table was smaller than needed but noticed it could be opened for a leaf. Interesting. This might work. No. Conversation went something like:

"Does this table open for a leaf?"

"Um, obviously."

"Oh. Ok. Do you have the leaf for it?"

"Ugh. Um. No."

"Oh. Ok. How big is the table when it's open?"

"Ugh. Big. Bigger than it is now."

"Oh. Ok. Would it be possible to see it open?"

"Ugh. Um. No. No it wouldn't. Well, not unless you put money down on it first because otherwise you're just looking and wasting my time."

Jaw dropped. Stood in shock for several moments.

"Oh. Ok."

As we made uncomfortable exit, I stopped. Turned. Took above picture. Later, furious wife went back. He muttered meager apology but still didn't offer to show table opened. Needless to say it was still there at end of day two.

Digress. More pics:

How fantastic are these chair bases?

Show over. Meanwhile back at the Indianapolis Atomic Ranch...

A look at our bigger than planned purchase. Picked up six Burke propeller-base tulip chairs (4 side, 2 arm) from dealer, David Betz.

Wife will be sewing new cushions to better work with planned textiles and accents.

Chairs displayed around temporary folding table.

Call to readers; our eyes are open for Saarinen Tulip Table (78" oval, white laminate top). Let us know if you find a deal. As long as it's not from "Mr. Rude".

Exhausted from two round trips to Cincinnati in as many days. Must now chill.

Next post is all about your opinion. Get your survey clicking finger ready. You'll help us decide how best to handle the backside of our kitchen island.




christina@pmv said...

Nice photos! It was certainly a fun time ... thanks for linking from the Atomic Ranch Facebook page. I'm off to explore the archives! :-)

flipt studio said...

Hi! I have so many pieces I bought from Hector when he had Michigan Street Antique Mall. I loved your photos of the Cincinnati show. When is the next one?
Shelly Leer (Indianapolis)

John and Diane said...

Love the shots from the Cincy show. Looks like it's an annual event, may have to go next year, I have close relatives there! We went to Palm Springs last month with some free air tix and although we loved looking at neighborhoods and houses, the shopping was disappointing. No deals and a lot of more mod 60s and 70s stuff - we're more into the Danish/ wood thing. Anyway, I found one of those tables you're looking for last year at an estate sale in ALbuquerque for $500. My husband grew up with said table and was not about to buy it. A friend has one that I saw a few months ago - it did not have a white top - it had some sort of fake? burl? wood top, it looked nice and I think he said he was thinking of selling. He's really into MCM stuff so I doubt if it's cheap but I don't know and it's not white anyway. But let me know if you want me to look into it.
-Diane at Rancho Tostado

Liam said...

http://centurymodern.com has a tulip table you may find interesting (in the tables section).

Baz Mcm said...


Happy to share images with those who care to see.


Thanks for reading. Hector does nice job sourcing quality pieces.

John & Diane,

$500 for a large oval Saarinen tulip table is a steal. Hope to be half as fortunate as that.


Good looking out. http://centurymodern.com has some good stuff. I dig the day bed. As for the table it's a little smaller than we're looking for.

Cheers to all,


Biba said...

Amazing pics! So much stunning furniture - i want it all. Fab inspiration for me, thanks :)