New Year. Old Modern Home.

Playing catch up.

Atomic Indy has been quiet but not lazy. Been office-busy, climbing workload mountains. Pausing mid-ascent to share long anticipated update.

Holidays were a pleasure. Friends and family stood face to face with our Mid Century Modern renovation project in Indianapolis. Mother flew in from Atlanta. Spent her week with us renovating and MCM treasure hunting in between present wrapping/unwrapping.

Hidden in the folds of time, an exciting surprise project has reached completion. Prior to this revelation lets review treasures found.

Floor to ceiling tension pole lamp with teak switch handles on each cone.

While in basement discovered all original doors. Most are un-salvageable however sliding closet doors were perfect. Upper doors are same original wood hidden under paint. One thing at a time.

Found good deal on Haworth K700 stools for new kitchen island. These will be refinished in white. Some confusion on when these were designed. Haworth claims 80's. This source claims 1971. Recall seeing 1965 though it goes unfound at the moment. If you have definitive knowledge please share.

Wire telephone table. Green now. Will soon be black. Note new collection of books. Thanks, Mom.

Double cone table lamp with funky pattern.

Double bullet gooseneck lamp.

Last blog entry referenced a surprise. Here we go.

Recall back to first round of demolition. Front entryway post supporting main center beam.

Explored opening with plans of possible shelf work.

Inspiration finally struck in form of Hardi Plank cement board siding by James Hardi.

Starting to create design relationships between interior/exterior spaces. Played off these three rectangular glass block windows in exterior stone facade.

To create this:

Happy to answer any questions about construction process.

First post of '09 complete. Must now focus on answering numerous comments/questions.




Anonymous said...

I love that tension pole lamp! Do you know the name of it? Or where I could find it?
House is looking great, keep up the good work!

John and Diane said...

You scored some great finds over the holidays. And that post is perfect!
-Diane over at Rancho Tostado

Baz Mcm said...

Reply to Anonymous - RE: Tension Pole Lamp

Just checked. Didn't find any branding. Got this from a middle-of-nowhere antique shop for $29.00. See them on Ebay for $200-$500 all the time.

Best advice - keep an eye out at thrift shops and middle-of-nowhere antique shops.



Baz Mcm said...

Reply to John & Diane

Thanks. Just checked in on your renovation over at http://ranchoredux.blogspot.com/

Looking good. This stuff isn't for the feint-hearted.



Anonymous said...


your place looks great- wish we had more of those post and beam houses here in Toronto
- BTW those K700 stools are a Canadian design icon from 1971
(not designed by 'Haworth design team' in the '80s, as they claim on their website)



Shane Hood said...

awesome blog, look forward to more

check out my blog for MCM neighborhood in Tulsa Oklahoma. Just starting, but there is sure to be more.


Anonymous said...

I lucked into your blog through Google. May move to the Indy area from Ohio. Currently in a fabulous MCM home we LOVE, and wondered if you know what areas w/in the Indy area feature MCM homes. I subscribe to Atomic Ranch mag, but don't remember seeing ads for specialty realtors in the area.

Best of luck -

Baz Mcm said...


There are no Indy real estate agents advertising in Atomic Ranch. The best we have is Joe Shoemaker: http://www.macduffrealty.com/

He truly gets the MCM vibe and won't waste your time showing you things that aren't what you're looking for. There are currently several on the market at a wide range of price points.

Shoot me another comment with your email address (I moderate all comments so won't post the one with your personal info). We can discuss in more detail. Would also love to see pics of your current home in Ohio.

Cheers and good luck with your impending move.


Anonymous said...

I know I am a year behind but I love that wall with the lighted cut outs that reference the exterior cut outs...very cool!

Unknown said...

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that is not a double cone lamp HAHAHAHAHA its the base to a lava LAMP!!!!! from the 70's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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