Residents Residing. Home.

Incomplete but livable abode.

Full week of daily existence in our Indianapolis mid-century modern. Week of change. Week of inspiration. Week of continued evolution.

Move-in went well. Had taken advantage of four weeks prior with occasional carloads of belongings. Wife planned and executed end game beautifully. Now sitting in habitable renovation home, on comfortable couch. Feet up. iTunes serenading. Typing for your literary pleasure.

Long office days followed by renovation nights lulled by 3-day biz trip. Once heard wiser-than-me individual say, “smallest actions are greater than largest intentions”. All intentions vanished on closing day. Became steady flowing storm of action. Action has brought us here. Now.

Visual revelation of latest actions unfold below.

Part of settling into a habitable state involved relocating washing machine plumbing across basement.

Prior to cleansing clothes had septic system pumped and cleaned by Acme Plumbing & Drain Cleaning. In usual form, found on Angie’s List.

Desire to be unselfishly eco-conscious while selfishly septic-friendly inspired migration of household-cleaning products to 7th Generation brand. Won’t you join us?

Heading back upstairs to main focus of phase I. Kitchen. At this point should mention wife is a Le Cordon Bleu, (the real-deal Paris one) trained chef. Designed this kitchen to service her needs, while appealing to my taste buds. Hours spent building will be dined upon.

Oven installed. High cabinets mounted to wall. Island anchored to floor. Awaited sense of permanence shining through.

Topless counter won’t keep this kitchen from cooking. Sheet of luan rescues modestly.

First set of doors installed.

Unique pull-out storage will function as pantry.

If one pantry is good...

Cook top also flanked by pull-outs. Allows for rapid access to spices for wife's improvisational cooking-as-art cuisine style.

ing appliances functioning. Admittedly danced like caveman discovering fire.

Dishwasher and sink bonding for first time. Neither work. Yet.

Two days later reveled in the watching of flowing water. Dishwasher still not hooked up. Jealous twinges towards neighboring sink.

Last night attended party at new neighbor’s MCM. An architect who purchased his renovated home one week before we purchased our un-renovated space. Dropped welcome letter in his mailbox. Was well received. Good people last night. They get it. This MCM thing. Visions of creating community being realized. Community raising interest and awareness in Indy’s great mid-century moderns. Will be posting pics of other MCMs in our hood soon. Before winter hits. And again in blooming spring.




Unknown said...

i note a particularly beautiful washer/dryer set. very nice choice. great taste.

Tristan said...

Everything's lookin' good!!!

Anonymous said...

Very cool.... where are these homes located?

Baz Mcm said...


These homes are on Indy's near east side. Just south of 56th. Next post will feature some of Indy's finest MCMs. I recommend driving through Wiliam's Creek area off of 79th and Springmill.