This Vacation Requires a Vacation

Didn't go anywhere but traveled a great distance.

Friend described it to perfection. "Staycation" not "vacation".

Week off from day job to be filled with hard labor. Nine 12-15 hour days dissipated like a shaken Etch-A-Sketch. Need another week. Don't have another week. Move in on Thursday. Kitchen doesn't function. Floor however is finished. We're close to habitable. Very close.

Haunting ghosts of flippers past won't die. Visions of unsuspecting family buying this home under impression it was move-in ready. We at least have some knowledge and willingness towards home repair.

I shall explain:

Rain storm mid-week led to leaking fireplace. Two hours on roof revealed sloppy and illogical flashing job on chimney. Fixed. Two days later main "exit" pipe for entire home's plumbing began to leak (you know what I mean by "exit"). Fixed.

How can these flippers sleep at night? In this moment - publicly - I make the following vow: This MCM will be a great house. A home. A water-tight house. A termite-free house. A no-daylight-shining-though-interior-stone-wall house. A fully renovated Mid-Century Modern home in Indianapolis. Our home. Your home.

On to the progress gained...

Last left you with mentions of Ikea. A store like a city with its own laws and language. An over-stimulating amusement park vibe. All-day affair left us with one realization - no matter how prepared you believe yourself to be, you are inevitably ill prepared. We fared well but will be returning for a few out of stock items. It’s only a two hour drive.

Ikea Cincinnati appears over the hill.

Three carts of equal size quickly filled our rented U-Haul.

Assembly line precision. Cabinets built in a day. Rome’s crumbling envy is felt in Indianapolis.

Began week under impression I was to be a one-man construction crew. Not so. Father in-law arrived bearing the gift of a new saw. Stayed half the day. Brother in-law arrived shortly after. Also stayed half the day. Much floor was laid. In-law crew was with me every day at various times. Good friend also joined up. Put in four full days. Pondering a repayment method for the love of donated time and effort. Money can't pay this bill.

Sustenance is key to a productive day. A renovator's breakfast:

Set up cutting room in basement to saw through numerous flooring cuts of varying difficulty. The many cuts installation guides never adequately prepare you for.

Cutting room quickly began displaying impersonations of an opium den. Have never stepped foot in such a hedonistic den but have seen in films. In order to combat the smoky sawdust and opium den like atmosphere we installed a makeshift exhaust vent fan.

When available our ladies helped out. Behold hottest floor laying crew in Indy.

Completed master bedroom offers hope and a place to lay a bed. One step closer to habitable.

Keeping food cold is important to food safety. Fridge arrives. "Arrives" is to mean wife and I alone hauled fridge from van through door and upon its final resting place. Home.

Cold food must then be heated for human consumption. Oven and microwave combo arrived. Purchased on Ebay from Camden TV & Appliance. Fast delivery. Great service. Even better prices.

Don’t drill a thing until you’re sure it fits. Laid out kitchen island location. Cut holes in new floor for gas and electrical. Important to get locations and measurements right.

Hung wall cabinets. Cut base cabinet for plumbing.

Introducing foreman of in-law work crew.

Affixed high cabinets around new fridge.

Alas this is our current state. Our abode near habitable completion. Two evenings left before move-in. One final push will leave us with a mostly functioning kitchen. We may be using sheets of plywood as countertop for a week or two but at least we will be cooking, eating and sleeping.

More to come. Promise. Must rest now.


troy. said...

You guys are making some amazing progress! I cant believe you have time to blog the process in what is essentially "real time." You're totally putting my blog to shame -- I'm just now getting around to blogging stuff we did this summer. Can't wait to hear how your move went.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you guys are ambitious! We just bought our first home in May and although it isnt nearly as modern as yours, our 1952 ranch bungalow suits us. We dont have any ultra modern eichler style homes in Central Oregon so we envy you. Keep up the good work!

fireshine said...

This song popped in my head as I read you blog:

He's going the distance.
He's going for speed.
He's going the distance...