The Space Between Space

When a lot of progress feels like a little.

Week two down. Mostly. iCal mocks with each sunset. Autumn quickly passing like views from a fast train. We’re on the express route.

Visual representation of autumn quickly passing like the views from a fast train

Plenty of late nights and progress gained. Mid-century modern renovation in Indianapolis is one week closer to home. It is only now, when I attempt to document for your viewing pleasure that I'm faced with the tasks remaining. A habitable abode is a requirement by month's end. A roof alone does not an abode make. Grateful for said roof.

Quick shout out to mothers. Mothers who have recently discovered the joy of blog reading. Mothers who are now calling to say, "I've been checking the blog. No updates. Ummm, what's going on there? Better get on it."

To these mothers, this post is for you.

Paper-bound resources are important. However, recommend you not consult this resource in presence of others. Important to appear in control at all times. I know what I'm doing. Somewhat.

For utilitarian purposes installed motion sensor lights in carport.

Once settled-in will upgrade to Remcraft's Retro series. Thanks to Creede of grassrootsmodern.com and the lottaliving.com cats for assistance in sourcing this product.

Procure a house from flippers, get flipped each time you peek behind wizard's curtain. Tore down awkward 4" wood border covering edges of interior stone wall. Found 4" gap stuffed with plastic bags. Removed plastic bags. Greeted by gust of fresh air. Fresh air opened eyes to realization that daylight was shining through. Filled 4" gap with Great Stuff foam from both ends. Added mortar to exterior.

Persecution of beige paint continues. Shades of grey is our color inspiration. Here's a start.

Simplest projects will rob one of an entire evening's work. Small clogged sink problem quickly became; cut hole in wall, saw through multiple expanses of pipe, reference above mentioned paper-bound resource - twice, then rebuild plumbing problem.

Floor leveling epiphany. Every DIY show and floor installation how-to all start with, "make sure floor is completely level". This is inevitably followed by the installation itself. As if to say, "we've never actually encountered an un-level floor and therefore have no need to discuss this step". Another need of mine goes unmet. Not bitter. Not needy. Just saying.

Note huge inconsistencies in floor where wall once lived.

Used pre-mixed floor planer to plane the floor.

Measured and taped kitchen layout.

Interior Stump Remover will now be added to business card. Stump protruded a full .25" at the start. Using jamb saw - was able to level out to near perfection.

Neighbors took notice of floor delivery day. Sourced Toklo Espresso from builddirect.com (not Buy Direct - shady membership scam). They were great to work with. Quick ship on samples. Fast question response. Stellar customer service. Best price found in two months of sourcing. Officially recommended.

Two pallets. 98 boxes. 35 lbs ea. Representing 1,400 sqft. One man. Alone.

Hour and a half later. 100 round trips between kitchen and carport, throbbing forearms dragging. Floor stacked inside. Seems far less impressive as I look resentfully at these pictures. Now floors are left to acclimate.

Termites have met their match. Gold Seal Pest Control did them in. Found on Angie's List. Very responsive. Professional. Knowledgeable. If you live in Indy and feel the need to expel lower life forms Gold Seal can help at a fair price.

Fading. 1:06a. Phone died mid-day. Unable to capture pics of partial wall removal and an electrical relocation that took 5hrs. longer than anticipated. Fading. On the docket for tomorrow, lay .25" sub-floor in the living room to match dining room floor height. Fading. Fading...





22q said...

I'm getting scared and inspired, while learning all at the same time. Hopefully your arms aren't making you pay for that too much in the next few days to come. Oh, and the hole in the side where you used the foam...sucks. Hopefully it wasn't too big.



Tristan said...

Good stuff on your blog - entertaining and informative!

My wife & I just moved into a mid-century (though less cool-looking than yours) house in Broad Ripple, and though the previous owners weren't flippers, they may as well have been, considering the shoddy work they did on almost everything. So I can relate to your pains.

The worst thing we've discovered? A putrid sewage smell permeating the 1st-floor bathroom. We've checked the P-trap and vented it, to no avail. Based on what I've read online and talking to my plumber bro-in-law, I fear there's a crack in the sewage drain leaking toxic gas.

And I'm SURE the previous owners knew of this smell and didn't tell us — I just assumed it was their baby's diapers whenever we first looked at the house. :(

Anyway, good luck!

jlas said...

I saw your posting on live modern and love reading about your experience. My husband and I are scheduled to close on our house in 2 weeks so we're only about a month behind you. I'm still in the planning and research mode for our "renovation" plans so thank you for your resource list. Good luck!

Baz Mcm said...


I'm excited for you. What pert of town is your house in? What can you tell me about it?

If you need anything at all don't hesitate to reach out.


april said...

Found you through grassrootsmodern. I'm loving it so far, and eager to see what the future brings for you. Best of luck!