Wish I Had a Socket Set to Dismantel this Morning

Papers signed only minutes before demolition began

Today was closing. Met the "flippers" face to face for the first time. Turned out to be really nice guys. Asked me a lot of questions about people's interest in the mid-century modern architectural style. If they had known there was such a market they would have made different decisions on this house. They took my number with plans to call for consulting on future mid-century modern projects in Indianapolis.

Marathon signing session went well. Title company had some delicious cookies. Conversation was light-hearted among the flowing ink. It was the cookies. Brilliant strategy.

Papers signed. Crumbs wiped. Hands shaken.

Within an hour we were homeward bound. Minutes later utility knives were slicing through carpet with non-surgical precision. Within 3.5hrs of that, carpet was defeated. Humbled beneath our arsenal of blades and cat claws. Not bad for a husband and wife demolition team. We found hardoowd hiding but unfortunately it can't be salvaged. Some awkward transitions and missing patches make the laying of new wood the more logical approach. First battle of phase one complete. Below are pictures of the encounter.

First step.

Got wood?



We've got four weeks before we have to actually move in. This pace will have to remain consistent. This is what the months of sleepless preparation have been for.

Stepping through the looking glass.




Anonymous said...

Congrats Baz! Ripping out carpet to see the shape of our floors was the best day in the life of Thornhurst so far!

unclejack said...


One of my readers sent me a link to you.

I'm following more than a dozen similar stories right here in Vegas among my clients.

We wish you great happiness and a big "Easy Button".
UncleJack at www.VeryVintageVegas.com