Waiting around offers a time to thank others

An act of appreciation for those who have already shared

This is me waiting around...

So the past several days have been spent waiting for the seller's response to our modest requests. It is now, in this down time, that I take a moment to thank people.

First of all a copious thank you to our realtor and self-proclaimed
green modernist, Joe Shoemaker of MacDuff Realty Group:


Joe immediately "got" us because he himself understands atheistic.
A former advertising art director turned real estate guru, he knew what we were looking for and did an incredible job of feeding us with options that fit our ideal model. If you're selling or buying a house and you want to work with someone who likes the business for the architecture, you've got to call this guy.

This is Joe. Joe sells houses.

Secondly, I have spent the past two months scouring the world wide web for all things modern and mid-century modern. I have found a few resources that are full of great people sharing great information, and always seem willing to help. So far I have been a lurker, a fly on the virtual forum wall. Soon I will begin to introduce myself. Some of my favorite sites include:

livemodern.com - a forum of highly-informed, highly-motivated and highly-resourceful people. A true source of inspiration and learning about modern methods.

lottaliving.com - a group of mid-century modern fanatics from all over the country. They tend to frown upon creative interpretation of the period. I will try my best not to upset the natives.

eichlerforsale.com - A great site dedicated to the father of the MCM movement, Joseph Eichler. This site is full of tools for restoring a mid-century modern home from landscape ideas to the appropriate color palletes, period lighting, etc.

grassrootsmodern.com - My new friend and fellow modernist-on-the-cheap, Creede Fitch. This blog is loaded with great ideas and sources of modern concepts and products.

ikeafans.com - The site of people who are way too involved in the Ikea world. Love them for all their passion and information. I wouldn't place an order at Ikea without first having hit this site.

For the Love of Thornhurst - A blog dedicated to the restoration of an *Avriel Shull home. I actually just found this one as I was writing this. Good to know there are others out there. I'm sure we'll connect at some point.

*Avriel Shull is Indianapolis' own famous female mid-century modernist. Drive through Thornhurst off Main St. in Carmel, IN to be blown away.

- Two women whom I would have loved to have met. They lovingly renovated several of Avriel Shull's finest but have since abandoned us and moved to California.

ladywoodestates.com - Avriel Shull's condominium complex on the near-eastside. This was actually the first place I lived when I came to Indy. Little did I know that I was living in a piece of Indy's mid-century modern history.

Enough for now. Many thanks to all those that share their opinions, methods and vision.




Anonymous said...

The suspense is killing me! I can't wait to hear the good news.

Courtney said...

I see now that you have my blog listed as a particular post I did - the actual blog is:

The name: Love of Thornhurst. For other comments readers - check it out :)

Baz Mcm said...
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Baz Mcm said...


Good eye. Just fixed it.

All, you must checkout For the Love of Thornhurst. Thornhurst is one of the best MCM hoods in Indy.