Things to be done

Planning is the planner's weakness

We technically don't have the house yet. "Technically"? We absolutely don't have the house yet. We haven't even had it inspected yet.
Our earnest money check hasn't even processed yet. All we have is our accepted offer. I know I can't get too emotionally involved at this stage. I know this. I do. But I can't rest without the thought of all to be done and the best way to do it. I surely can't standby until closing to start planning, now can I? I can't plan on planning later. Later there will be too much to do. Alas we must plan.

Every non-working, waking (and sleeping) moment has been consumed with thoughts of the house. As my sweet wife puts it, talking to me is like having a conversation that goes as such, "House, house, house... House, house". I don't entirely disagree. Okay, back to the house. We've been researching vendors, materials, methods and inspirations.

Luckily we will have about four weeks between closing on the new house and our lease ending on the current place. This will allow us to get through some of the demolition and other dirty work before we move into our new construction zone.

We've got a budget clearly defined and appropriately researched. Don't even consider a single project until you've done this. Don't.

We've sketched floor plans and kitchen layouts. We've spec'd and priced all materials. We did an Ikea day in Cincinatti to touch and feel (online research can only take you so far).

We've collected color and flooring samples. We'll be paying tribute to the period with natural materials and earth tones.

Yesterday while walking through a home store we came across a gas cook top. Floor model on sale. I know we shouldn't actually be making purchases yet but this was $300 under budget, and could be re-sold on Ebay for a profit should something happen.

This is called self-justification. My hypocrisy knows no bounds.

This post now brings us mostly up to date. I will write back with how the inspection goes tomorrow. I also have a wealth of resources to post including other people's blogs, forums and sites. I plan to post links and many thank-you's to those who will most likely never hear them.

More in store.




Courtney said...

I like this cooktop ALOT. Would love to see your house as it comes along. Thanks for the visit to the blog. I'll add you to my mid-century modern list.

Deanna said...

I picked out paint first for my mcm remodel also. Still working on that elusive stove...

I wish you the best of luck on getting the house!

Anonymous said...

Could you tell me where you got those color swatches. I'm looking for similar colors and wondering if they are Benjamin Moore, or Dutch Boy, etc.

Baz Mcm said...

Reply to Anonymous Re: Paint;

Honestly don't recall the brand. Picked up the swatches at Lowe's I believe.

Check out this great Eichler site for appropriate colors for the style: http://www.eichlerforsale.com/painting_eichler_house